5 Features To Look For In Pet-Friendly Bed Sheets

There is nothing sweeter than cuddling up with your furry friend to sleep. But, their adorable paws are not exactly compatible with your sheets.

Bed sheets with high thread count hold up better and resist snags from your pet's claws. By repelling dust mites and dander, the hypoallergenic options make bedtime more comfortable.

So, keep reading to find the purr-fect bed linen that both you and your pet would love.

What Is A Pet-Friendly Bed Sheet?

The bed linens that accommodate the realities and needs of pets and their owners fall under the pet-friendly sheets. Therefore, they are a great choice for pet parents who are happy sharing their sleep space with their fur babies.

These sheets make sure you can snuggle your pet without worrying about your sheets getting ripped.

They use materials and construction techniques that address the common issues of having pets in bed such as fur shedding, tears, odours and other things that may disturb your slumber.

After all, you deserve a cosy good night's sleep and so does your cute pet!

What Should You Prioritise In A Pet-Friendly Sheet?

  • High Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads used in one square inch of the fabric. It basically tells you how dense the weave is, by considering both the vertical and horizontal threads.

So, with a higher count, there are more threads woven together, creating a tighter fabric. This makes the bed sheets sturdier to withstand some fun attacks from your awesome buddy.

The tighter weave also means there is less space for the pet hair to sneak in and get tangled with your bed linens.

So, it ends up just sitting on the surface, simple to brush off. Easier cleanup for you, happier playtime for your pet. Well, a win-win situation!

The bed sheets with high thread counts also feel luxuriously soft and smooth against the skin to give you the perfect sleep. They promise a comfy abode for you and your pet to relax.

For sheets that can handle your furry friends, opt for the ideal thread count range of 400 and 800. And, do not fall for the extremely high thread count gimmick.

Some brands tend to inflate the thread count number to make it seem impressive. You might be paying extra for it when it actually does not reflect the quality it claims.

  • Hypoallergenic Nature

Pet danders can settle on your bed sheets, causing your allergies to act up and making it difficult for you to sleep peacefully.

Your sleep should be serene, not disturbed by constant sneezing, stuffy nose and watery eyes. The tiny flakes of skin your pet sheds can also irritate your skin and lead to contact dermatitis or rashes.

And, if you need a break from these issues and get a good night's sleep, choose pet-friendly hypoallergenic bed linens.

These sheets are designed to repel pet hair and minimise the presence of pet dander. So, wake up feeling content, not congested!

  • Breathability

Hot weather can be a struggle for your beloved pet. They are unable to properly regulate their body temperature like you can. And, they deserve a cool and comfy place to rest their furry heads.

Breathable sheets help make that a reality by promoting better air circulation and keeping things nice and breezy. It would not feel stuffy or stifling under the covers.

The breathable fabrics wick the moisture away from the body, so tossing and turning all night due to the dampness.

They also prevent the musty odour from building up in your bed sheets. These sheets carry away any unpleasant smell to ensure your cosy nest stays fresh and inviting for you and your pet to sleep well.

  • Ease of Maintenance 

Bed sheets are recommended to be washed at least once a week, but with your pet in bed, you might need to do it even more often.

All the love from your pet comes with some shed and drool, leaving their mark on your bed sheets. Not washing them can actually mess with your sleep and health. So, to make sure you sleep in a healthy and clean environment, select bed linens that make laundry day a breeze and save you time as well.

You should go for sheets where the pet fur does not stick to it but simply glides right over the lint roller.

Sheets which are machine washable, quick drying and do not demand complicated cleaning processes simplify your routine.

Let's be honest, laundry day is already enough of a chore. The last thing you want are sheets that make it even harder, especially with all that pet hair.

These easy-to-care sheets would help free up so much time for you to actually enjoy some quality time with your pet.

  • Durability

Life with pets is full of bliss, laughter and damaged sheets. Their little antics can put holes in your favourite bed linens. They just innocently scratch or dig into your sheets with their sharp claws. 

But, durable bed sheets are your best options. They are built to last those daily storms and take a beating or more from the paws and claws, compared to the other sheets that rip easily. 

The sheets hold up strong even with the frequent trips to the wash. So, you do not have to replace your sheets regularly. 

They might cost a bit more at first, but these sheets will be a part of your sleep journey for a much longer time, saving you money in the long run. 

Fabrics For Pet-Friendly Sheet

Picking the right bed sheet for your pet-loving home is striking a balance between all the aspects mentioned above.

Some bed sheet fabrics are way better than others for your furry roommate and you. The natural fibres of cotton and linen are super pet-friendly bed sheet solutions. 

These iconic sheets have stood the test of time. They are popular around the world and rightly so. Microfiber is another popular choice among pet parents but it might not be suitable for hot sleepers. 

Now, there are some fabrics you should avoid. The luscious velvet fabrics can exude an aura of luxury. However, they are prone to attract pet fur. Cleaning these velvet sheets can be a real hassle. 

The silk bed sheets are too delicate to deal with the pet claws. They might be shredded in no time. 

Made from high-quality, finest pure cotton fibres, Blue Dahlia brings to you an exquisite collection of pet-friendly bed sheets. 

Our soft and durable sheets are OEKO-TEX Standard certified, assuring you they are free from harmful chemicals. Blue Dahlia sheets are every pet parent's dream!

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