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    Naughty and playful, quiet and serious, lost in their imagination or creating a new scenario every minute- every kid is unique. So why should their bed sheets be the same? Blue Dahlia has designed a range of bed sheets that will make every kid love their bedroom and want to get to bed before bedtime. Knowing that kids can be quite a handful, we have designed sheets that will look great and also be easy to clean. Furthermore, we use organic dyes and materials so that your little one’s skin is safe and allergy-free.

    2 products

    Cartoon Bedsheet Collection For Kids

    Ask any child about their favourites, and invariably, some cartoon character comes up. We understand that children love cartoons, and we also understand that their preferences keep changing continuously. Blue Dahlia has many cartoon-themed printed sheets that would be your kids’ favourites through all their transient phases.

    With cute Smiling stars, Stargazing Sheep and Floating Fish, our printed cartoon cotton sheets can make nature come alive in the bedroom for your kids. For those children who love cars, the Moving Cars pattern is a wonderful addition to their bedroom. The Snuggle Buddies pattern is another one that would make your children love bedtime.

    Every cartoon bedsheet is designed keeping the child in mind. We understand that colours and patterns play a huge role in helping with cognitive development, and our sheets are designed to elevate the happy mood of the bedroom while keeping your kids safe from allergies and rashes.

    Colours and designs patterns

    Bright colours can add to the happy atmosphere in a bedroom. While creating bedsheets for kids, the cartoon and printed kids' sheets from Blue Dahlia keep this in mind. From mild colours that soothe to bright and dark shades that will pique a child’s interest, there is a range of options that you can choose from.

    The kids' collection includes some amazing prints inspired by nature, such as Mystical Butterflies, Animal Kingdom and Snowflake; cartoons that will keep the playfulness alive such as Sailor Penguin, Snuggle Buddies and Dappering Doggo; and some abstract prints that will keep them occupied while they get ready for bed.

    Sizes available

    We have the standard sizes available for you. You can choose from single bedsheets, king-size, and queen-size fitted bedsheets. Since it is a kids’ bedroom, we understand that you would prefer a smaller bed. A single bedsheet should do well for the same. However, if you prefer a queen- or king-sized bed in your kid’s bedroom, we have the appropriate size. We recommend measuring the mattress and bed size before making your choice.

    Why choose kids' bedsheets from Blue Dahlia

    Blue Dahlia’s kids’ bedsheets are made from 100% cotton. We also do not use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. This means that our bedsheets are safe for babies, infants and toddlers. There are fewer chances of children developing a rash or an allergy when they sleep on a Blue Dahlia cotton bedsheet than if they use synthetic materials. Our bedsheets have been made to adhere to strict quality measures and are tested for various factors, including allergies and durability. Blue Dahlia’s years of experience are a mark of superior quality. That is what you stand to gain with every purchase you make from Blue Dahlia- unmatched comfort and quality.

    How to maintain

    Since the printed cotton kids' bedsheets are made of cotton, the wash and care methods are quite simple. We advise washing your kids’ bedsheets at least twice a week, using a mild detergent that contains no harsh chemicals and warm water. We do not recommend continuous use of hot water on any of our products. If you are using a washing machine, we recommend using the right settings and not washing it in the heavy cycle, as this could damage the material in the long run. In case of messy food stains or pencil marks, we recommend you wash the affected area immediately.


    Every product from Blue Dahlia is tested for quality. We do not vouch for any differences in shades when you buy from our online store, as the shades could vary slightly from what you see in the pictures. We also do not stand liable in case of any damage caused by insufficient care on the customer’s part.

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