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    Swiss Dot - 300 TC

    Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This 300 thread-count premium cotton Swiss Dot bedsheet brings elegance and is a delightful addition to any bedroom. This Jacquard Sateen bed sheet set is made of ultrafine cotton with moisture management and an anti-pilling finish. It's designed to retain its sheen, year after year, and wash after wash. 300 TC Swiss Dot Bedsheet comes in Single size with 1 pillowcase. Queen & King sizes include 2 pillowcases.

    Swiss Dot - 500 TC

    When luxury knows no bounds, you'll find our 500 thread-count Swiss Dot bedsheets. Experience the epitome of softness and refinement every night. This uber-luxe 100% pure cotton sheet gets softer with every wash, and being breathable makes it ideal for every type of sleeper. Available in 4 beautiful colourways.

    500 TC Swiss Dot Bedsheet comes in 1 flat sheet & 4 pillowcases.

    Fitted Swiss Dot - 500 TC

    Convenience meets opulence with our fitted Swiss Dot bedsheets. A snug fit ensures your bed looks impeccable, while the 500 thread-count fabric pampers you in comfort. With its strong elastic, it wraps around your mattress with a comforting embrace, making sure your sheet set stays in place. Plus, it brings the plush, luxurious feel of a high-end hotel right to your bedroom, giving you that extra touch of comfort you truly deserve.

    Fitted Set - Swiss Dot - 300 TC

    A complete bedding transformation! This set includes a fitted Swiss Dot sheet with two pillow covers in the 300 thread-count variant – the perfect combination of style and coziness.

    Pillow Covers - Swiss Dot 500 TC

    Don't forget to adorn your pillows with the same luxurious Swiss Dot pattern. Our 500 thread-count pillow covers made from organic hand-picked cotton and embedded with swiss dots add a touch of frill to your entire bedding ensemble. This pillow cover comes in four captivating colours.

    Swiss Dot 500 TC includes two pillow covers.

    Pillow Covers - Swiss Dot 300 TC

    For those who appreciate subtlety, our 300 thread-count Swiss Dot pillow covers offer understated elegance that complements any bedroom decor. With its elegant piping gracefully adorning the edges, this pillowcase is simple but far from the ordinary. Available in 8 beautiful colours.

    Swiss Dot 300 TC includes two pillow covers.

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