8 Bedsheet Facts That You Might Not Be Aware Of!

You and your sleep buddy, your beloved bedsheets, go way back, right? It's almost like you have been lifelong friends. And we bet you would swear like the back of your hand, that you know everything about them! 

But here's a plot twist that you did not see coming - there are some intriguing facts that you might not actually be aware of! Prepare for your mind to be blown, as we uncover the secrets and facts from their rich history to many surprising influences on your sleep, health, aesthetic value of your bedroom and many more hidden within your bedsheets.

Get in and buckle up because it is sure going to be a thrilling ride of discovery! 

1.The Threads Of The Past - Bedsheets, the must-have staple of every household, have been around here forever, literally, for thousands of years! Yes, linen was used as a bedding material as early as the ancient civilization of Egypt. These bed linens were seen as the signs of wealth, purity and comfort. The bedsheets were even found on the tombs of pharaohs!

And, during the Middle Ages, bedsheets had a dual purpose too. Not only did they provide comfort, they offered privacy too. Well, canopy beds, with bedsheets as curtains, were used to separate the sleeping areas. 

2. Sheet Science And Slumber - Have you ever noticed, how the lifetime usage of bedsheets has programmed your mind to associate sleep with the cozy embrace of your bedsheets? While you could technically sleep without them, bedsheets have become an essential part of your bedroom! Now, that sounds super cool.  Also, high levels of serotonin - the happy hormones, are released when you snug yourself under those comfy bedsheets, making you all happy and warm.

3. Your Sleep, Your Sheets - Now, think about those nights when you had difficulty sleeping! Yes, the replay of the arguments that you had with an absolute stranger three years ago, would definitely have kept you awake all night. But there would have been some disturbed nights, due to your bedsheets. Something wasn't right, but you couldn't quite pinpoint what it was.

Well, your sensory feedback can actually make or break your sleep. And, the soft, soothing bedsheet materials can tame your sleep-zilla by creating an inviting sleep environment. And guess what, different sleepers need different types of material to drift off comfortably.

  • Cotton
  •              Are you the person who wakes up in the middle of the night or tosses and turns all night, because you feel like you are sleeping in an oven and are drenched in a pool of your own sweat? Let us introduce to you, the best temperature regulator for your bed - Cotton Bedsheets! 

    As cotton is super breathable and wicks away moisture, you will not feel trapped in the heatwave anymore. This super soft material is like a gentle caress on your skin too. Now, this ensures uninterrupted cool and relaxed sleep all night long!

  • Linen
  •               If you want to experience the utter delight of the gentle breeze on your skin when you sleep, look no further - linen is your reliable companion! Allowing for air to circulate freely and having moisture-wicking properties, linen sure helps you in your quest for your dreamy escape. 

  • Bamboo
  •               Now, the wonderful material which speaks the fluent language of comfort-ese is the bamboo. Cloud-like softness - check; luxurious texture - check and environmental consciousness - a big check! Bamboo can give you the peaceful sleep you are looking for!

  • Satin
  •               Choosing a satin bedsheet can be your first step to redefine luxury in your bedroom. The visual appeal added to the cool, frictionless feel can help you gain a lavish sleep experience. 

    4. Canvas: Sleep Edition - Have you found any difference in your state of sleep, that you are able to taste the sweetness of tranquillity, simply by swapping out your regular bedsheet with the one in a different colour? Yes, colours have the power to influence your overall well-being and can affect the quality of your sleep! 

    It would be quite interesting to know that the colours of your bedsheets go well beyond adding aesthetic value.  Each colour has a story to tell for a calming sleep oasis and we have narrated it as a dedicated blog post. 

    5. Thread Count Symphony - Let us discuss what thread count is now. It is the number of threads woven into one square inch of your bedsheet fabric. Well, it is time to break a myth. Yes, you might have heard, the higher the thread count, the tighter the fabric is woven, which ultimately indicates the smoother the bedsheets! But lean in close, we have a secret to share: Higher thread count doesn't necessarily mean better quality because brands tend to inflate the thread count. An ideal thread count level would be anywhere between 200 and 300 range.

    6. Weave Your Dreams - The art of weaving threads for the bedsheets helps craft your gateway to the dreamscape! Each weaving technique brings its own touch of comfort, longevity and beauty as well.

  • Percale Weave 
  •                        Yes, the percale weave method is a variation of plain weaving. This one-over and one-under weave type offers excellent breathability and creates a cloud-like fabric. Well, it is oh-so-simple and oh-so-soothing at the same time. Sleep serenely in all seasons with percale weave!

  • Sateen weave 
  •                         Four-over and one-under is the mantra for sateen weave patterns. Beautifully draping the bedsheets, the sateen weave method elicits the grandeur of lustrous, silky-smooth comfort. Sateen weave always gives a happy nod to the cozy version of your dream sleep with all heart-eyes!

  • Twill weave
  •                        Twill weave has got your back, if you are looking to add sophistication to your fabric. With the threads woven diagonally with two-over and two-under, the twill weave pattern adds character to your bedsheets! And it enhances durability and warmth factors.

    7. Bedsheets And You - There is something so simple yet so significant that you sometimes tend to overlook, when you prioritize nutrition and exercise for your health. Yes, something as simple as a clean bedsheet can actually affect your overall health! Your bedsheets can be the home for various allergens including pet danders, dust mites and specks of dirt. These uninvited tenants can trigger allergies, skin issues like acne, eczema and even respiratory illness like asthma. So, try to wash your bedsheets once every week with hot water, keep your bedsheets clean and protect yourself from the potential health issues. Now this truly signifies small steps, big benefits! 

    8. Bedsheets Beyond Sleep - The sheet-sational comforters should not be just bed-ridden. Let them step out of your bedroom and see them shine! Take your bedsheet buddy with you to your fun picnics, sunny beach days, wild night camps, or even to replace your old curtains. Lay them down and add charm to your setup, whenever and wherever it might be. Find the humble bedsheet getting transformed to the proud tapestry, indeed!

    Blue Dahlia Fact You Are Already Aware Of! 

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