8 Different Types Of Bed sheets - Which One To Choose?

Everyone wants to have the best sleep at night. Though the mattress plays a significant part in how well you sleep at night, the type of bedsheet you use matters as well. The bedsheet is what is in direct contact with your body. So any option you choose will weigh heavily on the quality of your sheet. But there are so many options. There are more than 8 different types of bed sheets. Which one to choose?

The type of bedsheet you choose should depend on the climate in your region. You can also choose between organic, luxury, or normal bed sheets. One main factor that comes into play when choosing bed sheets is the pattern. 

Read on to learn all about the 8 different types of bed sheets and which one to choose for your home.

1. Solid Sheets

Solid bed sheets have no pattern on them. It will be one solid colour throughout. Thus, the name. Solid bed sheets are a popular option amongst those who like a more minimal look in their bedroom. If you don’t like eccentric patterns or wild colours, solid bed sheets are an easy option.

One way to style solid bed sheets is with accent pillows. You can pick throw pillows with designs or patterns to compliment the solid bed sheets. This will give your room a more stylized look. You can also pair solid bed sheets with colourful duvet covers. This is another way to add a pop of colour to your bed. 

Solid sheets became popular because so many hotels use them. This is supposed to give the room a clean, modern, and minimal look. So if that is the look you’re trying to achieve, solid bed sheets are your best option. 

2. Printed Sheets

Printed bed sheets are a highly popular option in India. Most homes have at least one set of Rajasthani-printed bed sheets.  Printed sheets come in a variety of fabric types and patterns. Printed bed sheets succeed in adding a design element to your room. So if your room has any particular theme, you can get a sheet that matches the theme. 

The best way to design your room with printed sheets is by picking subtle designs that match the colours in your room. You can style the printed bed sheet by mix-and-matching the bedsheet and pillow covers. This will add another dimension of style to your bedroom decor. 

Printed Bedsheets

3. Jacquard Sheets

Jacquard is a type of fabric where the design is woven into the cloth. Jacquard bed sheets are usually very subtle but impressive additions to your bedroom. Jacquard is a very durable fabric. So your jacquard bed sheet will last you for years. 

The colours in jacquard bed sheets are very soothing to look at. It will give your bedroom a serene feel and they don’t use too many bright colours or eccentric patterns. This pattern is perfect for the master bedroom in your house. 

Jacquard fabric is usually made from cotton. So you will be comfortable, even in hot weather, when you use a Jacquard bed sheet. It also usually is blended with cotton. Thus, the fabric gains durability. It is easy to wash and dry. 

Jacquard Collection

4. Organic Sheets

Organic bed sheets are the way to go if you’re looking for a soft and hypoallergenic bed sheet. Organic sheets are made with organic cotton. This is cotton that has been grown without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizer. These chemicals have a long-term effect on the human body. The resulting fibre is an even softer cotton that is good for your skin. 

One key benefit of organic cotton is that it gets softer and softer with each wash. So you’ll be getting a better product the longer you have it. It is also a highly durable fabric. So though it may seem like you’re paying a high price, organic bed sheets have high value for money. 

Organic cotton is also pretty easy to maintain. It does not need specific detergents or any special care. So if fussy care is the reason you haven’t tried organic bed sheets till now, the myth is broken. Try it now from Blue Dahlia!

Organic Cotton Bedsheet Collection

5. Luxury Sheets

The king or queen in your deserves the best of the best. And that’s what luxury sheets give you. Luxury bed sheets are made from the softest material and facilitate the best sleep. Luxury sheets come in a variety of patterns or solid colours. What sets it apart is the premium fabric that it is made with the quality of sleep you get when you use a luxury sheet is noticeably higher. It has a higher thread count. So the fabric is more durable as well as softer on your skin.

Luxury Bed Sheet Collections

6. Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are the option if you’ve ever struggled with the bed sheet getting tucked out. Fitted sheets have elastic on edge. So you can put it on your mattress, and it won’t get removed unless you want to remove the sheets yourself. 

Fitted sheets fit your mattress like a glove. So there won’t be any awkward bumps or wrinkles on your bed sheet. Fitted sheets are notorious for being hard to fold. This is a reason why many refrain from buying fitted sheets. But if you know the right technique, the benefits of fitted sheets outweigh the struggle to fold them. 

Fitted Bed Sheet Collection

7. Fabric Type Sheets

One key deciding factor you should consider when buying bed sheets is the fabric type. This is what will decide if you’re comfortable or not at night. And at the end of the day, that matters most. Here are some of the most popular fabric types. 

- Cotton

Most bed sheets are made with cotton or cotton-blend fabric. Cotton is one of the most economical and eco-friendly options your could choose. Cotton bed sheets are very easy to find. 

Even under the cotton category, there are many varieties like organic, Egyptian or Pima cotton. Each has its benefits and demerits. But you wouldn’t go wrong with a cotton bed sheet. 

- Bamboo

Bamboo fabric is a very environment-friendly option because the plant grows rapidly. Bamboo fabric is usually softer than cotton and linen. So bamboo bed sheets would give you a very deep sleep. 

Bamboo sheets are also wrinkle-resistant, hypoallergenic, and breathable. So it’s easy to care for bamboo fabric. 

- Polyester-Cotton

There are better options than pure polyester bed sheets. But polyester-cotton blended sheets are one of the most economical and best options. Poly-cot is easy to wash, wrinkle-resistant and highly durable. So a poly-cotton bed sheet would last you for a very long time. Since it is blended with cotton, the fabric is also soft on the skin. 

- Linen

Linen is a naturally cooling and hypoallergenic fabric. So if you live in a place that gets to high temperatures, linen would be a good fabric option. Linen bed sheets are initially very hard and stiff. But with each successive wash, the fabric gets softer and softer. Linen is also a highly durable and very economical fabric. 

- Silk

If you want a rich and luxurious feel against your skin, then silk sheets are the way to go. Silk is an extremely smooth and soft fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic. Silk is a fairly fussy fabric to take care of and is also slightly costlier. But silk bed sheets would help keep your body cool when you’re asleep and help you get a better quality of sleep. 

- Satin

Satin bed sheets are similar to silk in their rich feel. But it comes at a much lower cost and is much easier to handle. If you live in a very hot climate, there may be better options than satin bed sheets since they do not absorb sweat. 

8. Size Type Sheets

Size is another main distinction when it comes to choosing bed sheets. These are the various sizes that you can get bed sheets in. So ensure that you verify the size before you make the purchase. Else, the bed sheet will not fit your mattress. 

  • Single 
  • Twin
  • Double
  • Queen 
  • King 

In Summary

Now that you’re familiar with the 8 types of bed sheets, it will be easy for you to choose. Remember to pick colours that match your bedroom decor or the theme of your room. You can get a variety of bed sheets at Blue Dahlia. They are all sustainably made and are very light on the pocket. Check it out now!

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