Blanket Temperature: Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

Your sleep routine can recapture that blissful feeling of being held and hugged dearly with the inclusion of a blanket, well, a weighted blanket! They crack your bubble of anxiety and open the sweet depths of peaceful sleep.

Weighted blankets do not produce heat but they tend to trap warmth more than your regular blankets. You can still choose both comfort and sleep by picking the right fabric and filling for your weighted blanket.

So, tuck in all your temperature worries as we guide you to a comfy and cool slumber with the weighted blankets.

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

The weighted blanket, also called the gravity blanket, is not your regular comforter. This special type of blanket is crafted to be much heavier, approximately weighing between 2 to 14 kgs.

You see, the weighted blankets are constructed of an outer cover, which you can see and feel and an inner cover. 

It is the inner section, containing the fillers that hold the extra weight in your blankets, to give you the much-needed, gentle cuddle.

The weight which is evenly distributed in your blanket uses the Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) technique to provide that calming feeling to help you fall asleep soon.

Weighted Blankets And Temperature

Heavy and fluffy, weighted blankets promise comfort but with a hint of potential peril, if you do not seek the right one. They offer a comforting weight that can feel wonderfully warm and secure. Ah, it would feel like a giant bear hug that keeps you snug all night.

However, you have to know that the very weight of the blanket might actually insulate your body heat. There can be a tide of heat rising slowly, as the night goes by.

But, worry not dear friend, you can absolutely find the ideal weighted blanket that brings the cosy comfort for an undisturbed sleep, without turning up the heat.

Factors Influencing Weighted Blankets Heat

  • Fabric Materials

The ability of the outer fabric in your weighted blankets to absorb and store heat can make or break your sleep cycle.

The classic favourite, cotton is naturally breathable and allows the air to circulate through the fibres, preventing the stifling feeling that some weighted blankets can cause. The soft and gentle caress of cotton is also kind to even the most sensitive skin.

With its moisture-wicking and breathable quality, Tencel is a great choice for your weighted blankets. Tencel, made from eucalyptus pulp, helps in regulating your body temperature and lets you sleep chilly and pleasant.

The natural fibres of bamboo are another option worth considering, as they ensure you do not get too hot under the covers. They pull the sweat away and keep you dry during your joyful nap.

Oh, there are a few materials you might want to avoid for temperature regulation in your weighted blankets. Rayon, polyester, microfiber and fleece are some of those fabrics which can feel overly warm, toasty and stuffy.

  • Fabric Quality

The quality of the fabric in your weighted blankets actually plays a big role in how comfortable and effective it is.

A high-quality fabric will be softer and more pleasant against your skin than a coarse, low-grade material. This can make a huge difference in how restful your sleep is.

By selecting a weighted blanket with superior quality, you get to escape the frustration of overheating when all you wish is to drift off to the sweet land of dreams after an exhausting day.

  • Filling

Fillers are basically what adds weight to your gravity blanket, which performs the core function. The fillings are contained within small pockets stitched throughout the blanket.

The type of filler can impact your experience with a weighted blanket in terms of temperature regulation, noise levels and even overall sensation.

Though a popular filler for being hypoallergenic and affordable, you should skip the plastic poly pellets. Well, you do not want to wake up in a pool of sweat and you know, plastic is not exactly breathable.

Instead, go for micro glass beads for your weighted blankets. These tiny beads, which resemble salt crystals, are better filler materials as they will not retain heat as much as plastic and let the air flow freely.

They are also much heavier than the plastic filler and so, a small amount of the glass beads will go a long way.

  • Weight

The snuggles from the weighted blankets can show you a piece of paradise during your sleep. But, their weight can definitely influence how warm you feel.

The extra heaviness from these blankets can restrict airflow and build up the heat. The soothing pressure offering a sense of safety might seem like a struggle now.

So, it is generally advisable to opt for gravity blankets that weigh roughly 10% of your body weight. This weight allows the blanket to conform to your body shape while providing a balance of comfort and pressure for a good night's sleep.

Say, you weigh 65 kgs. Following the 10% rule, your perfect weighted blanket weight would be around 6.5 kg.

Remember, the 10% recommendation is just a helpful tip. You can always adjust the weight that best suits your sleep style and preferences.

Why Should You Use Weighted Blankets?

  • Improved Sleep Quality

The deep pressure stimulation from your weighted blankets can trigger the release of serotonin, the happy hormone. This chemical is often associated with calmness and relaxation.

The increased serotonin levels can contribute to an aura of serenity for a better slumber. Interestingly, studies have shown that weighted blankets can assist you to sleep faster and undergo minimised nighttime disturbances as well.

  • Anxiety

The feeling of fear and unease may sometimes be difficult to handle. Anxiety can disrupt your sleep routine and poor sleep can intensify your anxiety. But, you can break free from this vicious cycle with the weighted blankets.

The swaddling effect of the weighted blanket grounds your body and as it does, the production of the stress hormone - cortisol decreases.

The blanket can also lower your heart rate and breathing from the elevated heights, essentially telling your body to be at ease.

  • Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a persistent problem that lingers in your body for more than 3 months, significantly affecting your daily life. It may appear either from an injury or illness. 

And, if you are looking to address this issue, weighted blankets can support you by decreasing the perception of pain through firm, therapeutic pressure. 

These are some of the highlights in the vast list of benefits that come with your weighted blankets. They are a safe bet for almost all the adults.  

Cool Sleeping Environment While Using Weighted Blankets

  • Some simple changes in your bedroom can transform your sleep experience.  Here's how you can create a sleep-inducing heaven:
  • Check out the cooling gel mattress topper to enhance your sleep quality and reduce heat, particularly when paired with the added warmth of the weighted blankets.
  • Consider investing in a cooling cover made specifically for weighted blankets to aid in temperature control.
  • For those who typically sleep with layers upon layers, try switching to just the weighted blanket.
  • Set your room temperature within the range of 60 - 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 - 19.4 degrees Celsius) for the best sleep.
  • Keep a window cracked open or use a fan, or air conditioner to promote airflow while using the weighted blanket.
  • Blackout curtains can also act as a viable solution for blocking outdoor heat and maintaining a cooler room.
  • Take a refreshing shower before your bedtime to reduce your body temperature and wear light, breathable clothing.
  • Do not forget to stay adequately hydrated throughout the day to maintain the temperature balance of your body.

And, we, at Blue Dahlia, wish you a happy sleep!

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