How Can Hot Sleepers Manage Night Time Overheating Discomfort?

Picture this scene: it is a beautiful night and you have snuggled up in your bed. But, you, our hot sleeper friend, a few minutes in, find yourself tossing, turning and sweating! Ugh, your bed feels as scorching as a sunny day in the desert and that's anything but a recipe for a good night's sleep.

Well, making smart bedding choices can actually help you beat the discomfort caused due to overheating. Yes, selecting the cool bedding materials including  moisture-wicking bedsheets, thin pillows, breathable duvets and duvet covers can make a huge difference to your sleep experience. 

Now, it's time to take the next step. Let us guide you, as hot sleepers, to enjoy a restful sound sleep without breaking a sweat!

What Makes You A Hot Sleeper?

Sometimes, living in the tropical regions can give you a real hot-night experience. But, it is quite a puzzle, isn't it, how your body feels hot in a room that is comfortably cool, while you sleep? Now, we might have answers to your question. 

Your higher metabolism might be a sneaky culprit. Some medication and even some health issues like vitamin deficiencies, diabetes could be turning up the heat too. But wait, there's more! Yes, stress and anxiety may not just be messing with your life but also your sleep. And dear ladies, a gentle note - your menopause and pregnancy may be the secret behind your newfound night sweats. 

Create Your Sweat-Free Slumber

We get it, constantly waking up all night due to overheating does sound incredibly uncomfortable, all while ruining your lovely sleep. But here's the good news: you can totally design your ideal sleep haven and wake up with a smile. Well, well, say hello to a happy deep sleep!

Sheets, Sweet Sheets


Imagine taking a sip of refreshing iced lemonade on a sunny day. Ah, the pure delight and child-like joy! Now, that is how you feel when you sleep on a cotton bedsheet during those toasty nights. This soft, airy, cloud-like fabric is super breathable that it prevents heat from getting trapped.

Having excellent moisture-wicking properties, cotton absorbs moisture in your bed, so you won't wake up in a pool of sweat! It is so lightweight that you will feel like sleeping on a feather. Cotton bedding welcomes you for a comfy sleep with open arms!


Bamboo is a natural thermostat for your bedsheets. Yes, they regulate your body temperature by keeping you cool. It is like a gentle whisper of cool air amidst the heatwave while you sleep. Now, this feels like a beautiful way to sleep. 

Hear, hear, hot sleepers - bamboo bedding is truly a dream come true, thanks to its breathability, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic qualities. Bonus: it's an eco-friendly pick for you, green sleepers! 


Savouring the luxurious touch against your skin without any sticky discomfort due to the night sweats is absolutely possible with Tencel. Yes, you can escape to the world of elegance and coolness, even on the warmest nights. It can also help you keep your allergies at bay, ensuring you a serene rest.


This natural fabric is your portal to unmatched freshness and outstanding breathability. Its quick-drying quality guarantees you that there won't be any lingering moisture to make you uncomfortable. You can enjoy the pure joy of uninterrupted comfort. Oh yes, every night is a dream with linen. 

Hue-tiful Sleep

The symphony of the light colours in your bedsheets plays the sweetest melody of coolness and relaxation. When you surround yourself with the calming hues like white, grey, blue or pastel, you are inviting a cool heavenly aura to your bedroom. 

Yes, those colours can actually reflect light and heat, making your space feel less warm, while dark-coloured bedsheets tend to absorb more heat. So, for all the hot sleepers, we recommend you to opt for bedding with light colours to make your sleep environment more comfortable!

Hot Snooze, Cool Weave

The weave of your bedding isn't merely an aesthetic choice, it can significantly influence your sleep experience too! 

Percale weave can be a go-to choice for hot sleepers. This weave type, with its incredible breathability, provides you with the cool-cation you are looking for! And hey, it doesn't just feel great, it looks stylish too. It's like adding a fashionable touch to your bedding setup. 

Sateen weave offers you both the soothing feel against your skin and great airflow that can prevent heat from getting trapped between the sheets. Yes, if you want to enjoy the silky sensation in your skin without having the trouble of heat, sateen weave could give you just that and more! 

Count Threads, Not Sheep

Thread counts are all about how many threads are present in a single square inch of fabric. While high thread counts are usually linked with luxury, hot sleepers, they might not be a good option for you. Because they can actually trap heat and moisture and that's the last thing you need. 

Now, what you really should choose is bedding with thread counts between 200 and 300. It is lightweight and lets the air flow freely. This range will be ideal for you, to snooze away in comfort all night. 

Duvet Dreams

Yes, even the hot sleepers can enjoy the coziness of a duvet and beat the heat. All you have to do is look for duvets with lower fill power and lower tog rating typically between the 2.5 and 4.5. Oh, and don't forget, wrapping your duvet in a cotton duvet cover can further enhance cooling. No sweat, literally!

Pillow Perfect

We know, you have been flipping your pillows over and over again to find that cool spot, only to return back to an overheated head and neck after a brief moment, even if you find it.

Well, check out pillows that give you good support without being too thick. Thin pillows can promote the circulation of air better, keeping you cooler. You can also consider pillows with cooling gel-infused memory foam, ventilated foam, latex or wool, as they can control the heat better. Opt for breathable pillowcases to keep yourself cool during the night.

Mattress Matter

You know, the mattress can totally affect how warm or cool you feel while sleeping. And if you have a mattress with thick foam, you may end up feeling a bit too warm. But let us spill the beans - mattresses made from latex or those coil systems can give you the sweet ventilation you are searching for, to get that peaceful sleep!

Cool Tips For Hot Sleepers

Now, as you are all set with cooler bedding options, let us share you some tips to cope up with the heat when you sleep!

  • In the evening, pop your windows open to let some cool air flow through. It will give your room a nice, breezy feel.
  • To create a perfect sleep atmosphere, set your room temperature, ideally between 15 and 20 degree celsius. 
  • Keep your room icy and comfy by using blackout curtains. They will completely block out all the outside light for you.
  • If you are looking for extra coolness in your pillows, freeze your pillowcases in the evening. And then, right before you get into bed, put them on your pillow.

Sleep Cool With Blue Dahlia

Every hot sleeper deserves a cool night's sleep, waking up all refreshed. And at Blue Dahlia, we make that happen, helping you escape the heat and cozy up in a chilled oasis. Explore our amazing range of bedding, including comfiest bedsheets, pillowcases, duvets and duvet covers, all designed to pamper you with tranquil sleep. Enjoy the cool embrace with Blue Dahlia every night, hot sleepers!

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