How Do You Know If Your Bed Sheet Is Of Good Quality?

According to many homeowners, buying a bed sheet is not as simple as it seems. Seasoned buyers would tell you to choose your favourite colour and print, but there is much more to it. Sometimes, it so happens that you buy a bed sheet that looks wonderful, but once you are home, it clashes with the rest of your home décor. Sometimes, the bed sheets may not fit your bed properly, especially when you buy online. 

So, when buying bed linen, how do you know if the bed sheet that you are buying is of good quality? What do you look for to ensure that your new bed linen is worth your price? Read on to find out. 

1. Material

The most important factor when selecting a bed sheet is the material. Cotton bed sheets are the most preferred due to their ease of use. The varieties of cotton that are soft and durable are Egyptian and Supima, along with varieties of cotton found in India. Cotton bed sheets lend a cosy look to the bedroom and are also comfortable. The material is breathable, durable, and suitable for people of all ages. 

The material of the bed sheet largely depends on what your requirements are. You can choose from different blends of cotton, poly-cotton or even satin bed sheets for the perfect look and feel. 

Some materials crease easily, while others are relatively wrinkle-free. If you have children who love to jump on the bed, then using wrinkle-free materials is a good choice. The quality of the material of your bed sheet will determine how neat it looks by the end of the day. 

2. Fibre

Even when you choose the material of your bed sheet, you may not be assured of the quality. The fibre used in the manufacturing process is also very important. The most durable cotton fibres are the long staples found in Egyptian cotton. The fibres that we produce in India are also of good quality. These fibres make the material softer after every wash. The material frays less easily when the fibre used is of good quality. This means that the bed sheet is more durable than other materials. 

3. Fit

Many times, the most off-putting factor when it comes to bed linen is the fit. Whether you are buying bed linen for a king-size, queen-size or any unconventional bed size, it is always best to measure the size of your bed and read the measurements specified in the product description. If you are buying a fitted sheet, make sure that the fitting suits the measurements of your bed. An ill-fitting sheet removes the beauty of the bed linen and the room. 

When the bed sheet you buy is of good quality, the manufacturer specifies the dimensions of the bed sheet in addition to saying if it is king-size, queen-size, etc. Good quality bed sheets have another advantage- the fit does not change after wash. The bed sheets do not shrink or expand even after multiple washes, and they fit perfectly on your bed.

Lower-quality sheets may not offer the perfect fit. The dimensions specified may not match the required dimensions of your bed, or the material may shrink after wash, making it look less appealing when you make your bed.

4. Thread count

The thread count measures the warp and weft on a square inch of material. The thread count of a bed sheet is usually an indication of the quality of a bed sheet if the fibres are of good quality. A thread count of 200-300 usually ensures that the bed sheets are good quality, soft, breathable and durable. Some brands that cater to an exclusive clientele often boast high product thread counts. The thread count is essential for cotton bed sheets and usually denotes the quality of the product.

5. Weave 

Many weaves help you understand if your bed linen is of good quality. The most common weave for a bed sheet is the percale weave. This results in a thread count of about 180-300. This makes it last longer than sheets with a different weave and lower thread count. 

Sateen is another weave that ensures the fabric remains soft and smooth even after multiple washes. Good quality cotton bed sheets usually have one of these weaves. The sateen weave is the one that is found in most high-quality bed sheets. 

Another weave that many bed sheets of good quality have is a jacquard. This type of weave brings about a good look to the bed sheet. It also makes it strong and durable. 

6. Label

Although all the factors listed above are tried and tested methods to ensure that the bed sheet you buy is of good quality, you may need help to check each of these when buying yourself something for your house. The best way to ensure that the bed linen is of good quality is to check the brand. A brand that manufactures linen of good quality will take care of all the criteria we have listed above.

Brands like Blue Dahlia are known for their penchant for quality. They adhere to the strictest standards to ensure customer satisfaction with every product. A brand assures you of quality. When you choose a piece of bed linen from a renowned brand, you also get years of adherence to quality and experience in producing only the best. 

Therefore, check the specifications in the description while choosing a bed sheet. If you are buying the products online, check for any guarantees the manufacturer offers. Most importantly, choose a brand that promises to deliver quality. 

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