how to choose the perfect solid colour sheets for bedroom

Oh well, it's summer, and your nights are sleepless due to the sticky & hot weather outside? And you might be wondering if coolers can fix your problem. Well, coolers can never fix all your problems. There are certain things to consider when you wish to experience having a relaxing & peaceful sleep. 

Yes, your Bedsheets! Bed Sheets are your only best friend when you decide to sleep on your bed. Choosing the right bed sheets according to the season plays a crucial role. 

There are several reasons to consider on how to choose the perfect bedsheet for your bed. Well, let's just get to know why solid bed sheets are best for you! 


As the name says it all, solid bed sheets are a type of sheet that comes in a plain and single colour. This sheet type is versatile, gives good breathability, is lightweight, and is easy to use. It does not include any patterns or prints on the sheets, instead comes in a variety of aesthetic colours & designs. 

Solid bed sheets are one of the best sheets that can be preferred during summer just to experience a relaxing, cooling & comfortable sleep all throughout the night. Also, solid sheets are durable enough and operate for a longer lifespan. 

However, if you are a first-time user of solid bedsheets, there are certain things you should consider while choosing your solid bedsheets.


  1. Material - The very first thing should be the type of material you choose, as it plays a crucial role in all types of bedsheets. Ensure the material you choose must be moisture-wicking sheets as it regulates your body temperature, keeps you cool all throughout the night & gives you good quality sleep and comfort. 
  2. Thread count - The very second thing you should consider when buying the solid bed sheet is the thread count. First of all, you should know how a thread count works for a bedsheet. Make sure to choose a higher thread count, as it gives you a soft and durable fabric. However, it’s always better to opt for a lower thread count ( 300-400 ) during summer, as it gives you a cool, breathable & lightweight feel. 
  3. Colour - The third thing you should consider is colour. Colour is everything, and choosing the right colour for your room makes a huge difference. Using light colours during summer gives you a cooling & relaxing sleep as dark colours might absorb heat during hot weather. Also, if you are a person looking for a composed & organised room, then choosing the right colour bed sheet is crucial. 
  4. Weave - Next comes the weave of your solid bed sheet. The weave of your bed sheet shows the texture and feel you experience while you are on your bed. Ensure to choose a looser weave as it keeps you cool all throughout the night, and avoid using tight weaves as it makes you sweat and keeps you hot. Also, weave showcases the style and appearance of your bed sheet. Some weaves might have a matte finish, and some have a subtle sheen. 
  5. Size - Then comes the size of your solid bedsheet. The size will also play a huge role while you organize your room. Make sure the size of your bed is measured before purchasing your bed sheet. Knowing the right size will make your room look composed and neat, which adds sharpness to your room. Instead, choosing a random-size bed sheet will make your room look blunt & unorganized, as it tends to slip off once you sleep on top of it. 
  6. Care Instructions - Finally, the road to getting your perfect solid bed sheet falls on the care instructions that are labelled on your bedsheets. Make sure to read the care instructions first. For example: It’s summer now, and you should often tend to wash your bedsheets due to the excess heat it absorbs from your body. Choose bed sheets that are easy to care for and can hold several washes. Instead, avoid opting for bed sheets that are against your care instructions, such as limited wash only, no machine wash, etc..


You have kids in your home, and you’ve been wondering if this type of sheet suits your child’s skin or not! 

Well, solid bed sheets are the most recommended sheets if you have kids in your home. There are several reasons why this type of sheet is preferred for your kids. Let us have a detailed look below! 

  • Lightweight & Breathable - Solid bed sheets are very light in weight and are breathable. This type of sheet comes in the best materials, such as cotton, linen & bamboo. Due to its efficient breathability, it helps to keep your child cool and circulates air freely. 
  • Easy to clean & maintain - As you know, kids always tend to spill something, and it’s too difficult at times to keep on changing your sheets. In that case, solid bed sheets are recommended because it’s very easy to clean and maintain as they can withstand several washes.
  • Softness - Solid bed sheets are very soft due to the weave type and texture. Your child might have sensitive skin, and you might be worried about choosing the right type of sheet. In that case, solid bed sheets are suggested as your child will experience the softness and give the best ever comfort. 
  • Changing Preferences - As your child grows, they might have the intention of changing their room’s setup quite often. In that case, solid bed sheets are plain and come in a variety of colours and will give a best-organized look that goes well with all your other elements in your room.
  • Hypoallergenic - Your child might experience having skin allergies, rashes, etc. In that case, you can highly opt for solid bed sheets as it is soft and made of high-quality materials. 

Why Choose Blue Dahlia’s Solid Bedsheet? 

Blue Dahlia crafts the products with the most luxurious materials and cutting-edge technology, giving each product the attention it deserves. Quality comes at a cost. And we do it at a price that is more than reasonable.

We are committed to producing cotton that is responsibly grown, resulting in a superior and more environmentally friendly product. We strive to keep our farmers and factory workers safe and healthy, just as we strive to keep all our products safe and healthy for homes.

Blue Dahlia’s solid bed sheets are 100% cotton, ensuring to provide its best every quality. They are easy to clean and maintain. We offer solid bed sheets in a variety of colours that are elegant and range to your expectations. 

Check out Blue Dahlia’s lightweight bed sheets to experience a peaceful and relaxing sleep ever!

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