How To Choose The Right Colour Bedsheet? 

Tossing every night from left to right and cursing the entire world might not be of much help, the actual reason might just be right beneath you!

Do you need help relaxing after a long day? 

Or are you stressed out about messes and stains left behind?

How to get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Let us get some answers with this blog, shall we!

Sometimes, the only thing coming between you and a good night's sleep can be the right-coloured bed sheet.

It might sound silly at first, but it's actually a scientific truth. Colour has the ability to affect our mood, as well as our sleep. 

While bedsheet shopping, we look out for a variety of aspects which includes thread count, warmth, look, feel etc. But one important aspect which slips out of our mind is the colour of the bedsheet.

Colours can influence mood, emotions, and behaviours, from aggressiveness and anger to calmness and happiness.

Pastel shades can typically help in better sleep than more vibrant ones, as bold colours can have an energizing effect. Understanding the way the colours affect your mood can help you in organizing your sleep decorum for uninterrupted sleep.

As we already know, the best colours for sleep are shades that make you feel relaxed, comfortable and secure. Now, these colours will differ depending on the person. Let us have a look at the list of the best bedroom colours for sleep and the benefits associated with each one of them.

Blue First!

Imagine a calm & peaceful scene; what colour do you see? 

90% of the time, it is blue!  

The colour blue can be seen everywhere & every day — in the sky, the sea. It not only promotes a feeling of calmness and serenity but can also be linked to feelings of trust, serenity & dependability. 

Bedroom decor tip: When picking a blue, look for lighter colours. For example, you can consider a light blue coloured bed sheet.

Go Green!

Bring nature to your home!

This colour is considered positive for the body and mind as it can produce a calming effect. It's usually associated with calmness and tranquillity — making it an ideal colour for sleep. Go for green colour bedding if you want to relax and unwind.

Bedroom decor tip: You can opt for sage green rather than a bright green colour, as Sage green is softer and muted, making it better for sleep. 

Next in line are grey and silver!

Unlike blue, there is no big science or logic behind why this works, but studies show that these shades help people sleep. These grey sheets can ease your mind as you wander off to your dreamland.

Bedroom decor tip: Add a touch of elegance with these grey-coloured sheets.

White it is!

A symbol of serenity, White is the lightest colour on the spectrum. It gives a clean, uncluttered feel, creating a stress-free space for sleep. It's also chic and represents hope and trust. 

Bedroom decor tip: Choose this colour for a comfortable sleep

Here comes Beige!

A warmer friend of white, Beige can invoke homely feelings, as it represents serenity and simplicity.

Bedroom decor tip: Consider adding Beige to your home for a peaceful bedroom vibe. 

When it comes to choosing the best colours for bed sheets, it's best to consider your needs and personal tastes first.

Are you looking for fun sheets with different patterns that make you smile, or do you need soothing shades that will help you relax?

Checked bed sheets or beautiful florals for an aesthetic look?

Or Are you looking forward to adding a hint of sophistication with elegant whites and welcoming neutrals? 

It's easy to find the meaning of colours online, but it's more important that you consider what YOU personally feel when you see a particular colour. Whichever colour you choose, you should feel comforted, motivated and happy. 

Once you know what emotion you're going for, pick a colour that supports that feeling. 

Now comes the most important question, what to do if you have kids or pets at home!

Well, we might be able to help you with that as well; just hear us out.

Once you are a parent, the importance of finding the colour bed sheets that best hide stains and accidents become your first priority, isn't it?

Sometimes regularly washing the sheets won't cut it; you might need to find another option to hide the lasting evidence of each day's adventure.

Below are some options

Green Bed Sheets - These sheets can hide stains very well. They look good and are perfect for hiding dirt, grass stains, and a variety of messes. You won't even have to change your bed sheet daily.

Brown sheets - Whether it's stains left behind by pets, children, or spilt coffee, these brown sheets can hide them all. They are also used widely and are probably the best choice to hide any type of stain. Dust is almost invisible on brown bed sheets, thereby helping you keep them for a longer period of time.

Grey sheets - They match well with most rooms and also is a decent colour choice for bed sheets. They conceal a wide range of stains, including marks left by dirt and sweat.

Dark tone sheets- The saviour of all times, these dark-coloured sheets offer do-it-all camouflage to hide a variety of accidents. They also give a classy finish to your bedroom.

Summarizing everything, the best bed sheets colours are mostly neutrals like white, cream, grey. You can choose earth tones for a cool, casual feel, also this is applicable all year round. Soothing and refreshing colours like light blue or dark blue can add a cool and clear tone for hot summer nights. Other bedsheet colours like green, pink, or brown can help you feel calmer and more rested. 

Other than colours, you also need to wash sheets weekly, dust regularly and reduce the light and noise in your room to reduce your hours in the state of tossing and twirling each night. 

As it turns out, the thread count and the look of your sheets aren't the only things worth keeping track of; your colour picks matter as much!

Get ready to snuggle up with a plethora of options only with Bluedahlia

It's time to harness the power of colour for your health and well-being!

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