How To Keep Bed Sheets From Fading Quickly?

There's nothing more annoying than finding that perfectly good Bed Sheet faded!

You went online and found that amazing Bed sheet.

Just the right colour, just the right size..

It was like Love at first Sight!

It's a celebration at your house,  you placed this Bedsheet on, showing it off to your friends and family....Ah!! The lovely comments.

And the next day, after washing, this one-time used Bedsheet lost its charm and started looking 1000 years old.

Does this story sound familiar?

Well, as scary as it seems, it's a very common issue and happens to every 1 in 10 people. Indeed, it's true that we cannot keep our new bed covers new forever. But it's also true that we can at least try to preserve its freshness for a longer period of time.

In this blog, we will try to uncover those different ideas which can help in maintaining the colour and texture of bed sheets.

As you know, different types of fabrics behave differently under the same conditions. It all comes down to how condensed the weave of each fabric is.

If your bedsheets are fading, then you may not be taking the right care of your favourite sheets. Also, remember that once a bedspread or comforter has faded, the colours cannot be restored.

First things First, let's understand the myths related to washing our bed sheets.

Myth: Bed Sheets need to be washed when they look dirty

Fact: Although not visible to the naked eye, sweat, oils, and skin cells build up every night and can cause irritation and attract allergen-causing dust mites. 

What to do: From the flat sheet and pillowcases to the top sheet and duvet cover, wash them every week.

Myth: There's no harm in washing sheets and towels together.

Fact: During the wash, towels soak up more water than sheets & therefore take longer than your favourite bed sheets to dry. Also, another reality check is the fact that in the dryer, towels can produce lint that can cling to sheets. Fluffy towel loops can rub against fine bedding, which can destroy the fabric of the bedsheets.

What to do: Although it's true that many towels and sheets may contain the same material (cotton), that doesn't mean they should be washed together. 

Myth : For the best clean, wash sheets in the hottest water on the heavy-duty cycle.

Fact: Washing bed sheets in water that's too hot can cause them to shrink and fade over time. Also, constant washing on the heavy-duty cycle may lead them to wear out.

What to do: Select the appropriate cycle for the level of cleaning you need — no more, no less.

Now coming to the main part of our blog, 

How to keep our bed sheets from fading?

At last, it's laundry day. Often a taxing experience, here are some proven secrets to keep your bedsheets from losing their charm. Give it a try!

Tip 1 – Make it a point to read the label carefully before going ahead with your laundry! 

The set of instructions can often be found on the label attached to the bedsheets. For example, the instructions often consist of the water temperature in the case of coloured bed sheets

It will also mention the type of Detergent you are supposed to use. Your choice of Detergent should be based on the type of fabric and its delicateness. 

However, these instructions tend to vary and depend on factors like – thread count, colouring agent, etc. Do not forget to find out their suitability against hand wash vs. machine wash. 

Tip 2: Invest in Better quality & long-lasting Bed Sheets

Do you want your bedsheets to retain their colour and softness? 

As a remedy, start investing in quality bed sheets.

One of the factors that you should look out for is their thread count and material. They play an essential role in increasing the Bed Sheets durability.

One of the solutions for this can be buying bed sheets that are made from natural fabrics and have passed quality norms checks.

If you are wondering where to get hold of such high-quality bed sheets, then we have just the right thing for you!

Check out Bluedahlia's quality collection

The flat sheets at Blue Dahlia are completely weaved with organic cotton making your bed a healthy place to revitalise. So give them a try; you won't regret it, it's our pinky promise!

Tip 3 - Use Detergents without Bleach

Have you ever noticed the yellowing of the bedsheets? 

Well it's because of the bleach. Hence it's important to always check your Detergent's components before you put your bedsheets to wash!

Sometimes, cleansers contain brightening or lightening agents that make fabrics look more vibrant. Be aware that these chemicals can change the colour of your bedsheets, especially if it's a bedsheet with floral or patterned designs.

So, to protect the colour and softness of your favourite bed sheets, try using a detergent that is bleach free!

Tip 4 - Avoid direct sunlight!

The reason being the sun degrades fabrics which might make them fade.

So, if you do not wish to lose the pretty shade on your favourite Bedsheet, dry them in the shade away from direct rays!

You can also wash your bedsheets in the evening or at night and hang them to dry in a ventilated area.

However, as mentioned earlier as well, if you wish to machine dry, follow the instructions mentioned on the washing label properly. 

Tip 5 - Simple - Dry Clean!

We suggest giving your Bed sheets to a professional dry cleaner, once a month.

Also, try buying quality bed sheets to protect them from stains, dirt & dust. 

However, please note that delicate fabrics like your satin or silk blend sheets will benefit from hand washing as it's a more gentle process. Since regular cotton or cotton blend sheets are stronger and more durable, machine washing would suit them fine.

There are other natural ways to protect that soft hue of your Bed Sheet that you have fallen for. Here are some of them;

1. Diluting your Detergent before washing
It's advised not to put the Detergent directly on the dry bed sheets while washing, as it may cause your sheets to pill or fade easily. 

2. Use cold water
Washing with cold water can help in preventing the fading of your favourite bedding.

3. Use salt to wash bed sheets
Add a tablespoon of salt to the washing. The chlorides in the salt give the colours a helpful boost.

4. Sort the bedsheets on colour basis
Do not stuff your washer with all types of clothes. Take 2 minutes of your time and separate darker colour sheets from the lighter ones before washing.

5. Add baking soda to wash
You can also try adding baking soda to the laundry. This can help fabrics stay bright & lock their colours. You can start by adding ½ cup of baking soda to the washing.

Although a little fading can occur in all bedding, using extra precautions during dry cleaning & following some natural washing tips can keep those bed sheet colours vibrant and live.

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