How To Make A Bed At Home Like A 5-Star Hotel?

The 5-star hotel bedding always exudes a sense of regality and comfort like no other. Those immaculate, crisp white sheets and fluffy pillows does seem like the passport to a wonderful dreamland. Well, have you ever found yourself wishing to bring this level of luxury right into your bedroom?

Now, let us share that great news with you: Yes! You can totally turn that dream of yours into a reality. Choosing the finest bedding essentials like bedsheets, comforters, duvet covers and pillows, and arranging them meticulously are the steps necessary to make your bed feel like a 5-star gateway, all in the comfort of your home. 

Now, get on board to craft your flawless, picture-perfect bed that can rival even the most luxurious hotel rooms. You can now indulge in the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, without having to wait for your next vacation!

Level Up Your Bedding Game

1. Sheets - What is the first thing everyone notices as they enter a hotel room? You got it right - those beautiful crisp white linen! The classic white sheet gives off the impression of purity and simplicity with a touch of elegance. These sheets can also seamlessly blend with any style of your home decor. 

If you want to achieve that posh hotel-like splendour and comfort, go for 100% cotton sheets - they are absolute game changers! Also, hotels use both fitted sheets and flat sheets to get that polished and luxurious appearance. 

And now, let's talk about the most important factor - thread count.  Yes, the thread count makes a difference in transforming your sleep experience. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother your sheets will feel. 

It's no wonder you always have the coziest nights of sleep in those top-notch hotels - because they usually pick the bedsheets with high thread count. So, choose bedsheets with thread counts around the 200 to 300 range and elevate your sleep in the lap of luxury.

2. Comforter and Duvet - Plumped with perfection, 5-star bedding could be mistaken for marshmallow clouds, as they gently wrap you in the cocoon of dreams.  And the secret behind this ultimate comfort and luxury - the combination of a down comforter and a cotton duvet cover!

The down comforters bring that exceptional plush and warmth while cotton duvet covers ensure breathability and durability and add that extra layer of softness. So, select this combo and make sure they match your preferred level of warmth.

3. Pillows - You would have noticed how the pillows at those grand hotels make you feel like you're sleeping on a slice of moonlight. Well, high-quality pillows can seal the deal for a beautiful night's sleep. Invest in fluffy hypoallergenic pillows - both your soul and skin will thank you! Be sure to buy the pillow with the right amount of firmness to match your unique snooze style. 

Oh, don't forget about those pillow covers with a high thread count that adds protection and snugness to your pillows. So, listen to the beautiful language of those pillows that is both dreamy and fluffy, as you sleep. You can consider adding a memory foam or latex pillow for that additional comfort and support all night long.

Some bonus pointers 

  • Consider investing in a high-quality mattress for a plush-nominal slumber and lavish touch. You can safeguard your mattress with a quality mattress protector. Now, it is more comfortable and durable, that way!
  • If you want to add excellent support to your neck and spine and get that extra cushioning as in a grandeur bedroom, consider adding a memory foam mattress topper to your bedding.

Layering And Folding Like A Pro

Now that you have your bedding materials ready, let's create the layers of comfort and master the different techniques involved:

  • Start dressing your bed with a crisp, clean fitted (bottom) bedsheet. Ensure it is snug around the corners of the mattress. 
  • Now, grab a flat (top) sheet. Centre it over the fitted sheet, making sure that it is evenly spread out, with a generous overhang.
  • Place your fluffy comforter with the duvet cover on top of your flat sheet, in such a way that it is well-distributed and covers the whole mattress. 
  • Now, let's make use of the 'hospital corner' method to get that neat, 'perfectly made' bedding look:

Tuck in the foot of the bed and fold the excess sheet up at a 45-degree angle. Now secure the folded portion tightly under the mattress. Repeat the steps on the other side of the bed. You can either follow this technique with just the flat sheet, draping the comforter on the bed or position both the flat sheet and the comforter secured together under the bed. 

Then, fold the top edge of the flat sheet and comforter down, about 12 inches and tuck on both sides. If you would like a visual guide, you can check out this video.

  • You can create a pillow paradise by placing them according to your preferences. But arranging the pillows against the wall gives that sleek look, reminiscent of a 5-star hotel room. Another option is to arrange the larger pillows at the back and smaller ones in the front. 
  • If you prefer an additional layer of sophistication, you can lay a bed runner across the foot of the bed.

There you go - five-star-worthy polished and lovely bedding, easily made at your home for your royal sleep! 

Craft An Aesthetic Dreamscape 

Yes, you can complete that absolute luxurious hotel experience by elevating your ambience! Make your bedroom cozy and inviting with warm, dim-lit lighting and bed lamps. You can consider adding decorative throw pillows to your bed to add that pop of colour and personality for your bedroom. 

Consider placing bedside tables with candles on each side of the bed. A vase of fresh gorgeous flowers on your bedside table enhances the room with an element of elegance. Adding indoor plants can sure freshen up the vibe of your bedroom.

Emulate that lens of lushness with a plush rug that matches your room decor. Go ahead and mist your bedroom with your favourite room fragrance, like adding the cherry on top of your enticing retreat!

But don't forget to make sure that this 5-star sleep experience still feels like your own cozy oasis. It could be your most treasured photo of your family, a special decorative piece from your friend, the artwork you made or any of your cherished things that reflect you!

Maintain The Charm Of Your Bedding

  • Have you ever noticed how the mattress at hotels stays plumped, even after many guests use them? Well, flip your mattress occasionally to maintain the shape of the mattress and prevent it from developing sags. This small practice can also extend the lifespan of your mattress.
  • You could iron the sheets or gently spray them with water to reduce wrinkles to get that lovely pristine look.
  • If you love having fluffy pillows all the time, give your pillows a good shake and gentle fluff in the dryer without using any heat. Regularly fluffing and reshaping your pillows can help your pillows maintain their fullness and support. 
  • Adhere to the cleaning and drying instructions provided on the care label of your sheets, duvet, pillow and pillowcases to effectively remove all the dirt from these bedding and maintain their best condition. 

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