Is Your Bedding Giving You Acne and Dandruff?

Do you wake up from a long slumber all excited, only to discover a new pimple has appeared in spite of maintaining a perfect skincare routine? Or do you find dandruff flakes collected on your pillow even when you take good care of your hair? Perhaps it's not a skin or hair issue; rather, we suspect your bedding might be to blamed!

Your bedsheets may not just be a safe haven for you to rest and dream, but also a harbour for germs like bacteria and yeast. And when your skin or hair comes in direct contact with them all night, they invite the undesirable guests - yes, your very own acne and dandruff. 

But don't you worry, we've got you covered. Let's peel the layers of the mystery hidden within the sheets and reduce acne and dandruff one night at a time!

The Acne Dandruff - Bedding Connection

Yes, we understand that acne and dandruff are common foes for everyone! But what if your bedding is aggravating the problem, without you realizing it? 

Your bedding has rented out its space for the dirts, sweats and oils too. But hey, did we also find some crumbled chips from last night on them? Well, the constant exposure of all these with your skin can clog your pores, leading to oh-so-annoying-breakouts or other skin irritations. 

Where do you think the dead skin cells and oils from your scalp go when you sleep? Yes, your pillowcases! The cuddly friends provide the best environment for the yeast to thrive. And there you go, before you know it, your hair would be infested with dandruff.

Bedding traits matter

  • Breathability factor
  •                            Picture this: you are opening the window and breathing fresh air after being cooped up in a room. The stuffiness replaced by cool breeze would give a newfound comfort, doesn't it? This is how your skin would feel when the bedding is breathable. The oil, moisture from sweat and humidity in your bedsheets, that would cause buildup on your scalp can be prevented by its breathable nature. This inturn keeps your skin and scalp dry, stopping the pores from clogging and developing new flakes. 

  • Moisture-wicking quality
  •                            Did you know that bacteria and yeast love damp places? Well, bedding made with moisture-wicking materials will ensure your skin and scalp stays dry by drawing the moisture away from your body and allowing for effective evaporation. This will also result in temperature regulation, giving you cool cozy sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic nature
  •                            Yes, we get it! Sometimes all you want is to hit the bed as soon as possible, after coming from work or a party. But, do you realize your unwashed face carries dirt and pollution? Along with these, the already accumulated dirt, pet hair, other possible allergens and irritants in your bedding can trigger skin conditions like acne and dandruff. But using hypoallergenic bedding limits the exposure of the potential allergens. 

  • Thread Counts
  •                           Sleeping on bedding with high thread counts can make your skin feel luxurious. The cloud-like fabric snuggling around is gentle to your skin and hair. But very high thread counts limit the breathability factor in bedding. So, it is better to choose the bedsheets with moderate thread counts. Remember, taking care of skin goes beyond the thread count factor. Look for bedding with really good materials that doesn't make you feel all sticky, when you sleep.

    Know your fabric


    The absolute classic fabric that never goes out of style! The cotton bedding with its cloud-like embrace warms your soul and body, after a tiring day. But trust us, cotton is your reliable friend for acne and dandruff too! The comfy cotton, being gentle, causes no skin irritation. Yes, your skin can breathe freely with cotton bedding! It also helps dealing with dandruff by its absorbing power, keeping your scalp dry and reducing itching. Choose bedsheets made from pure cotton which is devoid of any synthetic material - your skin will thank you!


    Would you like to sleep like royalty and keep acne or dandruff at bay simultaneously? Well, silk might be the solution you are looking for! The hypoallergenic nature of silk comes handy to deal with allergies and skin sensitivities. The texture of the silk is super soft that it glides over your skin and hair. For your hair, this reduced friction means it can potentially decrease the shedding of flakes from the dandruff. 


    Did you know that linen naturally has antimicrobial qualities? This means more protection against acne and dandruff being developed due to bedding. Also, as linen is naturally breathable, your skin and hair stays cool and dry. It is the best for soothing your irritated skin and scalp.  My, oh, my, can we also talk about how sleeping on linen bedding feels like a dream?


    Yes, bamboo, the eco-friendly bedding material, strongly deals with acne and dandruff. The moisture-wicking fabric prevents these issues from worsening, ensuring the scalp and hair remain dry. Of course, like the other materials we have explored thus far, bamboo is hypoallergenic, breathable and comes with antimicrobial features as well. Because bamboo is cultivated with minimal pesticides, it contains fewer potential irritants too. This would prevent any irritations caused on the skin by the harsh chemicals present in the conventional bedding, making it a safe space for you to sleep soundly!

    Cleanliness is key

    It's time to give some TLC (tender loving care) for your bedding, that works hard to prevent acne and dandruff! 

    • Air dry your sheets every morning, if possible. It can reduce the amount of germs your bedding attracts before the next wash.
    • Try to make your bed every night, so that the dust particles accumulated on the bedsheets settles on the floor.
    • We understand laundry days are difficult. But wash your bedsheets and pillows atleast once a week to remove the oil, sweat, dead cells and any other allergens that could transfer to your skin and hair.
    • Use hot water to wash the bedding. Cold water will not be effective, as it might not kill germs. 
    • Choosing mild fragrance-free detergents would be ideal to avoid causing irritations to the scalp and skin.
    • Swap your pillowcases every 2-3 days.
    • Adhere to the guidelines given by the manufacturer while washing the bed linens.

    Well, the sleep preferences and skin sensitivities are unique for everyone, aren't they? So, try different bedding materials and combinations to find what caters to your comfort and skin needs. Protect your lovely skin and hair as you sleep beautifully!

    Blue Dahlia: Where luxury meets skin health 

    Crafted with meticulous attention and infused with love and care, our cotton bedsheets give you the skin-loving comfort you are looking for! Now, you can easily deal with those pestering acne and pesky dandruff. There, there, sleep peacefully without any worries!

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