Microfiber vs Cotton: Which One To Buy?

Two popular contenders for bed sheets - one, a rising star and the other, a timeless classic. Both fabrics vie for your attention with one goal in mind: a peaceful sleep experience for you! 

For a cool and breathable sleep, the cotton sheets are your best bets. And, if you tend to sleep cold or live in a chilly climate, the warmth and softness of the microfiber bed sheets can be more inviting. 

Let's carve your path to dreamland by getting to know them better. 

Understanding The Fabric Materials


Microfiber in bedsheets is a type of fabric made from very thin fibres, thinner than human hair. These fibres are synthetic, meaning they are man-made and are most commonly composed of polyester, nylon or even wood pulp. 


Cotton is the most popular natural fibre used for bed sheets. It is a soft, fluffy fibre that grows around the seeds of cotton plants. Long-staple cotton such as Egyptian cotton, and Pima cotton having longer fibres are premium cotton choices.

The Bed Sheet Debate: Microfiber & Cotton

  • Texture

Microfiber sheets are like a dream with their smooth, silky texture and are often compared to silk or satin. The fibres of these sheets are so finer than even the most delicate silk thread you can find. 

The threads are woven really close, making it incredibly soft and lightweight which works well for your beauty sleep. Microfiber bed sheets have a special brushing process that lifts the fibres to give them that velvety feel when you touch them.

Ah, cotton sheets! They are forever favourites. Some cotton sheets feel all crisp and cool, while the others feel like snuggling into a soft cloud. This is all based on the thread count you choose. 

Cotton sheets offer a wide range of options for you to select from, according to the level of comfort you prefer! 

Cotton sheets are so soft that you might never want to leave your bed. The cotton sheets also wick away moisture from your body to make sure you get an uninterrupted sleep without feeling sticky. 

  • Temperature Regulation

The natural structure of the cotton allows for better airflow through the fibres to keep you cool and comfy. The loose weave lets your skin breathe to avoid getting too hot or sweaty. 

As they regulate the temperature really well, you would not have that stifling feeling under the covers. They are the ideal choice for all the summer days and for anyone who struggles with annoying night sweats. 

Microfiber sheets with their dense weave work like magic, holding onto your body heat to make you warm and cuddly, especially if you are a cold sleeper or during the chilly months. Microfiber sheets usually lack the breathability factor that cotton ones provide. 

While the microfiber sheets can be comfortable, they may not regulate temperature as effectively, which could lead to overheating in warm conditions.

  • Cleaning And Maintenance

Unlike some materials that require specific settings, microfiber sheets are actually happy with a gentle cycle and cool water. With repeated washing, your microfiber sheets get smoother. 

Microfiber dries fast, so you would not have to wait long to get your bed sheet back. They tend to resist wrinkles, saving you time ironing. 

The natural fabric of cotton can take on frequent machine washing sessions with your mild everyday detergent. Each time you wash, the cotton sheets become a touch softer. Harsh washing with super hot water or high dryer settings can damage the fibres. 

Cotton bed sheets tend to wrinkle more easily than microfiber. You may need to iron or steam the sheet for that crisp look.

  • Longevity

Microfiber and cotton bed sheets are built to last for years, if you take care of them well. Luxurious cottons like Egyptian or Pima cotton are renowned for taking care of your sweet sleep for many years. 

Cotton sheets have great resilience against daily wear and tear. Sheets with a higher thread count often hold up better over time than those with a lower count. 

Since microfibers are synthetic materials, you can expect them to be a part of your sleep experience for a long time. Flat weave microfiber sheets tend to be more durable than those with a waffle weave. Flat weave microfiber sheets hold their shape well and do not shrink or wrinkle easily. 

It is advisable to follow the care instructions on the label for both sheets to increase their lifespan. 

  • Price Tag

You can find sheets in a spectrum of affordable and costly options for microfiber and cotton. No matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone. The price will be determined by the source of the material, quality, thread count and weave type of the sheets. 

However, cotton sheets can be a little on the expensive side. Their huge popularity and demand among homeowners and luxury hotels add to this factor. But, trust us, they are worth it! Cotton sheets can be considered a long-term investment for your priceless sleep. 

Microfiber can go easy on your wallet. Thanks to its lower production cost, microfiber tends to be a bit more affordable choice. You can snag a comfy set without having to spend a lot. 

So, Which Is Better?

The truth is, there is no absolute winner between microfiber and cotton bed sheets. Both of them have their own sets of pros and cons, so it really depends on what you are looking for in bed sheets.

Go for microfiber if you love the smooth, almost slippery feel against your skin. They are also great for all those who tend to run hot at night. 

For a snooze session where you want to stay breezy and comfy, cotton is the top option. Cotton bed sheets are also a safe solution for sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic and will not trigger any irritation. 

So, see which one of these lulls you into the deepest, dreamiest restful sleep of all!

At Blue Dahlia, we have carefully crafted our bed sheets with you in mind. Our 100% pure cotton sheets offer amazing breathability, softness and durability. 

Our sheets showcase a variety of thread counts, catering to every sleeper's needs. We also prioritise ethical production practices and ensure our sheets are free from harmful chemicals. Blue Dahlia gives you the perfect sheets for a blissful night's sleep!

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