Stay Cool In Summer: Bed Sheets That Help Reduce Night Sweats

Summer - the season of warmth, vacations and wild spirits! But, unfortunately, it is also the period of night sweats, sticky sheets and troubled sleep.

But… bed sheets made of natural fibres like cotton, linen and bamboo can easily flip this script. These breathable materials keep you cool and dry by wicking away moisture, so you can sleep soundly all night long.

Now, sip your drink and allow us to show you sheets that keep you just as refreshed!

A Summer Sheet Quest

Fabric Essentials

1. Cotton

Given the tropical climate of the Indian subcontinent, cotton sheets are practically omnipresent in every household. Among many fabrics, cotton stands out as the people's favourite and its appeal is incomparable for valid reasons.

You see, the natural fibres let the air flow freely without retaining the heat. This can prevent the awful stifling feeling of being trapped that makes you suffer every summer night.

They also soak up moisture like a sponge that you feel comfy and dry. Phew, no more waking up in a sweat bath, all wet and drenched!

For those with sensitive skin, cotton bed sheets can truly be a blessing. The luxurious softness is a satisfying brief hiatus from irritations and heat rashes.

Choose long-staple cotton bed sheets without giving a second thought. The inherent strength is reflected in their resistance to wear and tear. So, you can be sure that they will be a part of your family for many years to come. Guess they don't call it "long staple" for nothing.

2. Linen

The rich material that simply says, “Summer night sweats, who?” Linen, the airy fabric which is made from natural flax, permits the breeze right through. The open weave nature also helps it to be breathable.

Linen is also a moisture magnet. You would find it hard to believe, but linen can actually absorb a whopping amount of sweat, in fact, up to one-fifth of its own weight before feeling damp.

This will lend a helping hand to draw the sweat away from you and you do not have to bear with the clamminess. You may then wonder where those restless, sweaty nights ever went.

The best part is yet to come. The linen sheets are so effective at regulating your body temperature that you can wrap them around yourself not only in the summer but also in the winter. 

But, you might find linen a bit on the rough side initially, especially if you have sensitive skin. The good news is, they soften up the more you wash them. Trust us, they age like fine wine.

Oh well, linen can be a bit of a splurge, but they definitely are an investment for sweet, cool sleep.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo bed sheets are one of the prime contenders to handle the heat and sleep well. These special fabrics with their hollow fibres flaunt their moisture-wicking properties so you stay fresh. Their breathable nature promotes air circulation to help you stay cool.

Because bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, they fight off those microorganisms that can cause allergies or smelly odours.

They are also a great sustainable option that leaves a much smaller carbon footprint on the planet. The plants grow super fast, so harvesting doesn't hurt the environment. Also, they don't need the fertilisers that can pollute the soil.

Did your heart race, perhaps? No, it's not from the heat, but from the happiness of having found a fabric that addresses all your troubles and cares for the planet too!

Cool Thread Count

A helpful gauge to measure the quality and density of the bed linens is the thread count. It basically refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of the fabric.

There is a common notion which follows as, the higher the thread counts, the smoother and denser the fabric will be. But, it is crucial to be aware that thread count can be misrepresented by some brands through some techniques. 

So, thread counts between 200 and 300 are ideal for summer. They give a good balance of being breathable to prevent overheating, very soft and built to endure.

Breezy Weave

While various types of sheet weaves exist, percale emerges as the hottest choice for summer nights. Percale is woven in a criss-cross pattern, with threads going over and under in a 1:1 ratio, which enables good air circulation.

The unique characteristics of a crisp, flat surface with a smooth, matte finish - that's the percale weave for you! It seems like chilly nights and sweet dreams are just a percale weave away.

This type of weave might not feel very plush right away for a few people, but give it some time and see the difference, it softens up real quick.

Shades Of Summer

When the world outside is painted in a beautiful palette of colours, wouldn't you want to bring a similar level of vibrancy into the sleeping abode of your own little world?

And, as they happen to shape your mood and sleep, there is all the more reason to explore different colours for your sheets.

Bed linens with soft shades like white, grey, beige, light blue, light green and pastels like lavender, and light pink reflect the heat from the atmosphere and create a chill ambience.

These soothing and calming colours also evoke a sense of tranquillity and calmness, perfect for winding down before sleep. They can make you relax and might even help you reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure.

Shades on the darker end of the spectrum like black, red and violet can be a bold choice and visually appealing. But, the bed sheets with those colours behave like mini heat traps - well, definitely not ideal for a good night's sleep.

Other Key Considerations For Better Sleep

  • Choose lightweight sheets instead of heavy ones that won't lock in heat and disrupt your precious slumber.
  • Avoid using weighted blankets. If you wish to use a duvet, opt for the ones crafted from breathable fabric and have a low tog rating.
  • Look for cotton pillowcases to treat your skin and hair with a gentle touch all night.
  • Consider natural latex or cooling gel memory foam mattresses to stop heat from accumulating.
  • You can also add a cooling gel mattress topper to enhance the sleep experience.

Beat The Heat With Blue Dahlia

Every season is a dreamy season at Blue Dahlia. We present an exciting collection of light, breathable premium bed sheets inspired by the vibe of summer. Discover a wide variety of colours and patterns that spark a connection and create an inviting oasis at your home this summer!

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