The Ultimate Guide To Deciphering Bedding Labels

As you select a new set of bedsheets or make your bed, have you ever questioned what the numbers, symbols and words in your bedding labels try to communicate to you?

Well, in the details of those labels, there is a secret guide, nurturing you to build a haven of softness and comfort for countless nights to come! The essential information of the thread count, weave type, fabric content, size and care instructions are all neatly packed into your bedding labels!

From the mysterious code to the magical cocoon, we will decode all you need to know about those labels. So, let them switch on the lights of stars, each twinkling with the calmness of peaceful sleep!

What Is A Bedding Label?

Bedding labels are the little tags or stickers commonly found on the bedding items like sheets, duvets, duvet covers, quilts and pillow cases. It is a user manual which presents exclusive insights and the special qualities that define your bedding, along with the effective guidelines to keep your bedsheets live their happy life. 

You know, much like you understand the specifications of a gadget to learn more about it, reading a bedding label reveals the unique features of your bedding. So, paying attention to these elements in the bedding labels will help you to make your sleep journey truly yours!

Why Labels Matter When Buying Bedding?

The bedding labels, those small squares of fabric, don't always get the attention they deserve. But, they actually are powerful tools for making informed decisions, as deciphering them will keep you out of the unexpected ‘uh-oh’ moments and unpleasant costly mistakes.

You get to curate your perfect sleep space with bedding that speaks to your needs and preferences the best to ensure your pleasant dreams, all with the guidance of your bedding label. They also act as your lighthouse for sustainable and ethical choices, when you are lost in the ocean of choices. 

Mastering the art of label reading will also sharpen your ability to identify genuine and authentic products. And, building trust is easier with transparent bedding labels, making your connection with the brands more stronger.

Understanding The Labels

  • Material Insights 

The labels reveal the fascinating world of materials to discover the best bedding for you. Cotton is the king of fabric without a doubt, as the breathability and comfort it offers are truly out of the world. And, it not only pampers you but also stays as a part of your bedroom for a longer period of time.

The lustrous charmer, the linen stands out as a naturally cool and hypoallergenic material. And, if you are tired of waking up in a sweat, linen changes the bed time for you, with its moisture-wicking property. 

Looking for sustainable options? Well, Bamboo can fulfil your silky smooth and satisfying sleep desire, while helping you minimise your ecological footprint. 

The cosy caress from your wool bedding will mesmerise you like the gentle tide with its cloud-like softness and warmth and you feel the world just fading away, leaving you with only the happiest of dreams. 

  • Construction Clarity

Thread Counts

Thread Count is the measure of how many horizontal and vertical threads come together in each square inch of fabric. Well, those numbers found on your bedsheet’s label are your key to the land of comfy clouds and serene moonlight. 

The sheets with higher thread counts are linked with more luxurious sleep. Just so you know, it is worth understanding that this is not always the real deal, because few brands might use techniques to boost those numbers. 

When it comes to sheets, anywhere between 200 and 300 hits the sweet spot for most sleepers. They are not too hot, not too cold, not too heavy and not too light. Just what you need for a great night's rest. 

Weave Type

Now, weave type is basically the arrangement of threads in a specific manner to create a pattern that, in turn, forms the fabric. So, the different weave types can play a huge role in determining how comfortable and smooth your bedding turns out to be. 

The percale weave has a simple grid design that makes sure you stay cool even during those hot nights. Your skin will enjoy the soothing touch of the crisp and smooth texture of this weave type. 

The twill weave beautifully drapes your bed and it is so buttery soft that you feel nothing but pure bliss. And, for those chilly nights, the tight weave of the twill is just perfect. 

  • Care And Maintenance 

The cryptic symbols on your bedding tags hold immense value to keep your bedding feel brand new and extend its lifespan. So, always follow what the care label recommends and your bedding will thank you for a longer life. 

You can recognise the Machine Wash symbol by a bucket filled with water. Go for a gentle cycle and stick with lukewarm or cold water to stop the bedding from tearing easily. 

Should you find a number inside the bucket icon, it denotes the maximum water temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Now, stay within that limit to protect your favourite bedding from the risk of shrinking. 

Tumble Drying is denoted by a simple square with an empty circle inside it. Use the number of dots within the symbol as a guide for the right temperature setting. 

One dot indicates low heat, two say medium heat and three dots cue you to turn up the heat to high. Pretty simple, right? And, tumble dry simply means to dry your bedding in a machine dryer. 

The little Iron Symbol in the label lets you know how much heat your bedding can handle from an iron. Avoid ironing when the iron symbol shows an X. If ironing your bedding becomes necessary, follow the recommended temperature but be mindful not to accidentally melt the fabric. 

A crossed-out triangle symbol, the Do Not Bleach icon, conveys a strong message of prohibition against using bleach. Watch out, using the chlorine and oxygen bleach can make the fibres weak, fade the colours and might cause some serious harm to your bedding. Well, well, we don't want that! 

  • Size Chart

Your bedding should be your dreamy snuggle space, not a place to be entangled in the web of sheet maths. But, if you mess up with your bedding size, you might find yourself having restless nights, unable to even get a wink of sleep.

Oh, a bedding that fits really well can work wonders for your sleep and suddenly, the aesthetics of your room are enhanced too. Take a peek at the size chart* and you will find all the dimensions to make sure your bed looks on point with that neat and polished appearance. 


Flat Sheet

Fitted Sheet


Duvet or Duvet Cover



60” × 90”

36” × 72” × 12”

60” × 90”

60” × 90”

18” × 28”


78” × 98”

48” × 75” × 12”

90” × 100”

85” × 98”

18” × 28”


90” × 100”

60” × 80” × 12”

90” × 108”

90” × 108”

18” × 28”


108” × 108”

72” × 80” × 12”

110” × 108”

104” × 110”

18” × 28”

*Measurements in inches

  • Certifications And Safety 

The certifications that your bedding proudly displays are the stamps of the guarantee, assuring that they have passed the safety, quality or environmental impact tests with flying colours. 

Once you figure out the meaning of the recognised certifications like OEKO-TEX, ISO 9001, GOTS and many others, you will be more careful during the decision making process. You would take into account not only comfort but also your health and sustainability in your bedding choices.

Interested in knowing more? Well, check out our blog on the significance of certifications, which brings you one step closer to gaining insights on everything you need to know about them!

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