The Ultimate Guide to Pattern Bed Sheets: Types, Materials, and Uses

You’ve decided to revamp your bedroom look, but do you feel something is missing out that adds a touch of elegance to your room?

Every element in your room is important in transforming your entire space. In that case, you should also consider your bed sheets, as it adds personality & grace to your room. 

Well, from a wide variety of options, choosing pattern bed sheets will throw a pop & classic look to your bedroom space. Let us have a detailed look at the types, materials, and uses of pattern bed sheets.


Pattern bed sheets are a type of sheet that has a design or pattern. It comes in various colours and has many types, such as floral, geometric, striped, polka dots, and printed sheets. Pattern sheets are mostly preferred by those who wish to add personality, a pop of colours, and a decorative feel to your home. 

There are different types of sheets that you should consider before opting for pattern bed sheets. Here are a few options below that could probably interest you!


  1. Floral Pattern- Floral pattern adds a vibe of scenic & colourful look to your home. Florals mostly come in flower motifs or any other type. This pattern is vibrant & classy and can be matched with all other elements of your room. If you are looking for an inviting bedroom space, florals can be your go-to option. 
  2. Geometric Pattern- This type of pattern arrives in different shapes, such as rectangle, square, circle, hexagonal, or triangle. Geometric patterns add a touch of abstract & cohesive bedroom space. These patterns can be paired up with your bedroom accessories. If you are looking for a balanced bedroom space, geometric patterns are your options. 
  3. Striped Pattern- These types of patterns are designed in horizontal or vertical lines that flow through the entire bed sheet. These patterns may be arranged evenly distributed and sometimes irregular in shape. Using a striped pattern bed sheet will give you a timeless feel to the entire space. If you are looking for patterns to add a sophisticated look, then this is for you!
  4. Polka Dot Pattern- This type of bed sheet has evenly scattered dots, and it is unique and provides an arranged space in your home. When it comes to this pattern, you must ensure that your pillow or cushion covers are designed with the same pattern, which will bring more vibrancy to your room. If you are a person looking for whimsical or quirky patterns, then polka dots are the best. 
  5. Embroidery Pattern - This type of bed sheet brings a rich & classic style to your bedroom. The patterns are hand-stitched or machine-stitched. Embroidery pattern bed sheets must be handled with care & maintained properly. Furthermore, this particular pattern is not advised for frequent wash as the threads of the design come off easily and show signs of wear and tear. However, if you are looking to add some bohemian look to your room, then embroidery patterns can fulfill your entire space.
  6. Kids Pattern - If you have kids in your room and you're planning to change the entire bedroom space into a fun, quirky, and colourful atmosphere, then changing to a kids' pattern makes it a good option. Kid's patterns come in various designs and can be customised according to your kids' interests. If you are looking for such playful patterns for your child, this is for you! 

However, apart from the patterns you choose, there is another important factor that should be considered before you opt for a pattern bed sheet. Did you guess what? Yes, it's none other than the type of pattern material you choose. 

Material plays a crucial role as it is the only main ingredient that gives you comfort while sleeping, the durability of your bed sheet & so many more. Let us have a look at the different materials for your pattern bed sheet! 


  • Cotton- Using cotton pattern bed sheets gives you a long-lasting feel. This type of material stays the same after multiple washes. Cotton material is best for summer as it is breathable enough and gives you a comfortable sleep all throughout the night. 
  • Polyester- This type of material is amalgamated with cotton, which makes it wrinkle-resistant. Polyester is a durable material and comes in different thread counts. As cotton, this type of material is also suggested during summer as it absorbs heat and regulates body temperature.
  • Silk- Silk material comes in a shiny material that makes your room look luxurious and adds a touch of elegance to the entire space. However, this type of material should be carefully opted according to the type of season because it is not really suggested for summer as it tends to trap your body heat and can affect your sleep. 
  • Flannel - This type of material is best suited during winter and can add a touch of coziness and elegance to your entire bedroom space. This material is a blend of cotton and wool and has a regulated body temperature.
  • Linen- One best material that is best for hot summers. This material gives a classy & rich look. Also, this material becomes very soft after every wash. It is highly absorbent and breathable. 


Pattern bed sheets can add a pop of colourful vibe to your room. These types of sheets are mostly preferred by those who tend to decorate their bedroom space to make it more lively and attractive. 

Also, as the name says it all, pattern bed sheets can be the best suitable option when it comes to seasons. For example, floral patterns can be used during the spring and summer seasons. It gives you a positive & energetic look to your entire bedroom space allowing it to talk while you just experience comfort. 


Blue Dahlia’s pattern bedsheets are 100% cotton, ensuring to provide its best every quality. They are easy to clean and maintain. We offer pattern sheets in a variety of colours that are elegant and range to your expectations. 

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