What Are The Benefits Of Buying Extra Thick Bedsheets?

Sometimes, standard sheets don't give that dashing appeal you are looking for. Imagine thick… no, extra thick bedsheets that have pillowy softness, rewriting the tales of the best sleep ever experienced.

Extra thick sheets can turn your bed into the most comfortable place on earth. The extra thickness traps more heat and you will never want to leave your bed, especially during those winter nights. Draping elegantly, they also add a touch of class to the space.

So, tag along to weave the thread of dreams and prepare to be astonished by the long list of advantages these sheets bring!

What are Extra Thick Bedsheets?

Extra thick bedsheets transcend the ordinary with their densely packed, super-fine weaves, embedding an exceptional number of threads within every square inch.

This luxurious configuration imparts a cloud-like softness as if the very essence of the skies has been woven into the fabric, transforming your bed into a heavenly retreat.

Extra Thick Sheets - The Perks

Indelibly Soft

With extra thick sheets, you might find yourself melting into the comfort of the sheets because of their unbelievable softness. And, the silky smooth texture from the thick cotton sheets is kind to your skin and minimises the risk of any irritation. 

They also gently glide through your hair, reducing friction and helping prevent tangles, split ends and overall hair damage. 

1.Thicker Is Warmer

Your sleep quality is heavily influenced by the temperature of your bedding. There would have been times when the cold sleeper in you might have struggled to find the right warmth with regular bedsheets. 

And, especially during those chilly months, you would have yearned for bedding that could just swaddle you up like a baby. Now, that is where the fluffy bedsheets come in, turning bedtime into a cosy, comfy nest. 

Bed linens that are extra thick have the power to trap warm air close to your body. The increased density of these materials doesn't let the air flow through easily and they remain under your sheet, leaving you a bit toasty.

Ah, nothing beats the feeling of being completely enveloped in warm sheets on a freezing night! 

It is important to know that they can be a bit too much for summer nights. But, for those who crave the snuggle, the extra thick sheets are worth considering. 

2. Ethereal Aesthetics

The rich drapes and folds of the thick bedsheet create an aura of allure to the bed. The sheet literally commands your attention as it becomes a statement piece of the room.

Why go to some fancy hotel, when you can have these sleek, snug sheets? Recreating a 5-star hotel-like sleep experience in the comfort of your home is easier than you think!

The visual splendour of the polished thick bed lines is truly a sight to behold as if promising an unforgettable sleep of comfort and rejuvenation. 

3. Inviting Sleep Environment

Let's be honest, a well-prepared bed, adorned with thick, plush bed linens exudes a charm that is hard to resist. You may wish to climb onto it and take a nap, like right at that moment. Oh yes, we do!

The buttery smooth texture, premium finish and additional weight of the fabric can provide a feeling of being cuddled. It can create a bubble of security, allowing you to sleep soundly.

And, in some moments of needing comfort, the urge to hold onto a blanket for comfort is a common reaction. As thick covers wrap you like a warm hug, you might be reminded of the heartfelt embrace from your loved one.

The sensory touch of the soft fabric can be incredibly calming and contribute to a more positive sleep atmosphere.

4. The Sleep Saviour

Well, it goes without saying that sleep is an extremely important part of life. Even a single night of poor sleep can impair your judgement and reaction time. So, sleep isn't a luxury but a necessity for both your physical and mental health. 

Extra thick sheets can be seen as a long-term investment to prioritise your well-being and improve the quality of your life. Cradled by the weight of the sheet, the warmth of being tucked in can induce a wave of calmness and joy in you. 

The enhanced layer of comfort from them can also lead to a better night's sleep, which in turn results in increased energy levels and better cognitive functions.

5. Easier Care

The thick bedsheets made of high-quality materials are often quite easy to care for. These strong and long fibres are designed to stay soft and keep their shape, no matter how many times you wash them.

It is advisable to follow the gentle washing cycle to clean your sheets without any harsh agitation. Hot water might damage the sheet by breaking it down or pilling. So, stick to warm water to keep them looking neat.

Use mild detergents to remove the dirt without leaving anything behind. Store them in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight, after drying.

Always check the care label to guide you. They give instructions to wash, dry, and iron your sheets. With proper care, extra thick bed linen can last longer and even become softer over time.

What To Look For When Buying Extra Thick Sheets?

  • Prioritise sheets crafted from long staple cotton that are known for their softness, strength and extended life span. 
  • Seek bedding options with a high thread count made from single-ply yarns. Multi-ply construction can inflate the count but they will not be better than the lower count sheets. 
  • Check for the unique sateen weave to ensure lustrous and warmer bedsheets. 
  • Choose bed linens which wear certifications such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) as they guarantee chemical safety and eco-friendly production.

We, at Blue Dahlia, put our hearts into producing luxuriously thick bedsheets. We only use the finest long-staple cotton and state-of-the-art technology to skillfully make the sheets perfect.

Our superior quality extra thick bedsheets can be your soft snuggle partner, making you sleep faster than ever. So, wake up feeling refreshed and get ready to seize the day!

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