What Material Is The Ultimate Choice for Eco-Friendly Bedding?

The notion of "being eco-friendly" and "adopting ecologically conscious practices" is omnipotent! What's more, the green mindset is reshaping our shopping habits as well. Do you think this prompted you to reflect on your bedding choices too?

We truly appreciate the genuine concern that you hold for the environment, if you answered in agreement. If not, follow along, as you will come to understand the impact of eco-friendly bedding. A simple act within your sustainable lifestyle that would contribute greatly to the well-being of the planet is by choosing eco-friendly bedding. By doing so, you're offering a moment of respite to Earth while you peacefully rest as well!

Let's explore together the world of sustainable bedding to help you make informed choices while shopping.

What is Eco-friendly Bedding?

Eco-friendly bedding are the bedding products that are crafted to lower the carbon footprints and minimize the environmental damage. It is very gentle on the earth that the materials require a minimal amount of water and energy than traditional practices, for cultivation. The crops used, regenerate quickly and are protected from the usage of any toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers. These environmentally friendly comforters focus on weakening the adversity on the abode and strengthening the realm of its rejuvenation starting from the production to its disposal.

Unique aspects of eco-friendly bedding

Are you up for a small guessing game? We understand that you're curious about how eco-friendly sleep options differ from usual bedding. But, try answering that question yourself! 

  1. Reduced resource depletion 
  2. Less contribution to landfills, thus resulting in better waste management 
  3. Support Fair Labour Practices 
  4. Promotes healthier sleeping experience 
  5. All of the above 

Yes! You answered it right! It's option 5 - All of the above. 

The eco-friendly bedding takes up a pivotal position in reducing the consumption of resources such as water and in the waste management process too. Thanks to the material's ability for biodegradation, the earth has one less problem! The ethical bedspread materials adhere to the standards that includes fair pay for labourers and also alleviates the risk of allergies due to absence of harmful chemicals.

Understanding the need for the hour

You have the choice to become an eco-warrior and be a part of the revolution, by choosing eco-friendly bedding. Here's a small glimpse on some of the positive upsides of selecting eco-friendly bedding: conserving resources, reducing waste effectively, preserving biodiversity, and limiting exposure to chemicals. With increase in demand, a ripple effect is created that will protect the ecology on a larger scale. Remember, your choices matter as they are the votes to signal your need for a greener world. 

Unveiling the finest eco-friendly bedding materials

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton isn't just a superior eco-friendly bedding material, but an ecological movement! While the conventional cotton uses 2700 litres for a single bedspread, the organic cotton uses only 243 litres of water. That's a jaw-dropping 91% less water usage! Think about the huge impact you create, just by switching to organic cotton. It follows the sustainable farming practices that are kind to the soil and to those who tend it as well. As it embraces you like a hug from Mother Earth, slumbering in organic cotton is redefining luxury, isn't it?


With no excessive irrigation needs and zero pesticides, bamboo stands tall as one among the top contenders for green sleep products. Did you know that bamboo rapidly regenerates and can grow upto 3 feet per day? The breathable fabric being hypoallergenic, is delicate not just to the planet but also to your skin. All the more reason to make a switch! However, processing bamboo into fabric involves heavy usage of chemicals. So, verify if it is processed through nature friendly methods.


Linen, a timeless classic, beautifully embodies sustainability and splendour! This fibre is produced from the flax plant. The linen production contributes to zero wastage, as almost all the parts of the plants are used. And being biodegradable, it ensures that the synthetic microfiber is not left behind, thus reducing pollution. Known for its durability and longevity, linen is sure to stick around. So, no you wouldn't need to replace it often!


Indeed, similar to other eco-friendly bedding materials, hemp requires minimal water and pesticides for cultivation. But, did we tell you hemp is one of the champion plants for carbon sequestration? It absorbs 8 - 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year. That's twice the amount of trees! Now, this is some seriously good eco-friendly bedding right here! The breathability and hydration-regulating features keeps you cool as a cucumber and helps you doze off comfortably. 


Crafted out of wood pulp such as eucalyptus, tencel uses a closed loop system where the solvent used for dissolving the pulp is recycled and reused, thus scaling down the waste generation. Snuggle up to serene sleep with this super soft and soothing material. Well, you can save the earth as you sleep! Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Things you should check out for when you buy eco-friendly bedding

  • Certifications
  • Buying authentic eco-friendly bedding can be tricky if you don’t keep an eye on certifications. They are your North Stars which provides reliable assurance that products you buy align with the environmentally responsible practices. The eco-friendly badges of honour such as GOTS Certification, OKEO - TEX Standard 100, 100% Organic Cotton, Skin Safe vouch for the green bedding credentials.

  • Modest Packaging
  • Eco-friendly bedding often comes in a simple, minimalist package that can be recycled or are biodegradable. The nothing more and nothing less package limits the environmental strain and lowers carbon emissions. Don't you agree the clean and sleek look of packaging is a visual treat? 

  • Eco-aesthetic harmony
  • Yes, we absolutely agree that your style matters too! You do not have to compromise on your 'aesthetic' factor as you choose to be kind to earth. Eco-friendly bedding can totally bring about the perfect symphony of magic and mission in your bedroom. 

  • Long term Investment 
  • Natural fibre comforters are more expensive than conventional bedding. This premium choice you make, will play a big part for a greener world. Don't you agree that it's a pretty good investment where you could potentially save up money in the future, as you wouldn't replace it due to its longevity?

    Selecting the ultimate material for eco-friendly bedding comes down to your personal needs, comfort, style, preferences and budget. A holistic approach in choosing your bedding products ensures you calming sleep and heals the environment too! 

    Blue Dahlia - your eco-friendly bedding companion

    Guess what? Blue Dahlia is not just about comfort and superior quality bedding, we are on board with social and ecological goals too. Check out the collections at Blue Dahlia, where we have woven the threads of your eco-conscious sleep with organic cotton bedding, tailoring to your values. Endowed with the above mentioned certifications, we are committed to upholding high standards and best practices. We also have an eco-friendly bedding kaleidoscope of patterns and colours that could resonate with your personality and principles for you to choose! So, nestle up to a tranquil slumber with the green love note to the earth! 

    Sleep well! Sleep Green!

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