What Should I Look For When Buying A Duvet?

From chilly nights to late-night movie marathons, do you find yourself craving that extra warmth and snuggles? Well, well, ordinary blankets, step aside! Here comes the luxurious duvet that will redefine your dreamy sleep experience!

Your duvet journey can be easier if you know what to look for. A blend of duvet filling, tog rating, fill power, and others come together to help you discover your ideal cuddle buddy. Umm… but do you find it confusing, with so many terms thrown around? Or do you find it difficult to choose the right duvet among the many options available today?

We understand you! So, let's dive into this blog, your ultimate road map to learn all about duvets.

Duvet: What is that?


A duvet, a type of bedding, is a fluffy blanket that goes beyond the basic bedsheets to ensure a pleasant sleep. Filled with soft materials like cotton, down, and wool - the duvet sure is your best snuggle partner. Do you know how a duvet can pamper you with the gentlest hug? Imagine cocooning yourself in the warmth of comfort and tranquillity as the duvet's insulation embraces you with good ventilation. How soothing can it be to your body and soul? 

Guess what? It has a beautiful cover that goes over it to protect the duvet from dust and keep it clean, just like the pillowcases. Yes, the duvet covers! They come in various colours and patterns that you could change to match your style!

What's so special about Duvet? 

Now, have you ever felt like the other bedding options just can't seem to give you the coziness you are looking for? Whether you want something light or something to keep you more toasty, the duvet has got you covered. You can customize it according to your local climate, season, preferences, comfort, and desired warmth level all year around! This luxurious bedding is lightweight and fluffy, providing a relaxing sleep without weighing you down. Duvets are not confined to bedrooms alone - so take a duvet to your couch and immerse yourself in the world of books while it snuggles you!

Things to look out for when buying a duvet 

Duvet filling 

Do you know what's inside your duvet matters a lot in determining its overall comfort? So, selecting a perfect duvet filling that aligns with your needs and preferences promises a more restful sleep! A wide variety of fillings are available for duvets, including cotton, down, silk, and others. These fillings influence the warmth, breathability, and weight of your duvet. We have discussed everything you need to know about finding the best duvet filling in a separate blog. 

Tog rating 

Tog rating is basically a numerical value that indicates the effectiveness of a duvet in trapping the heat and giving you warmth. The higher the tog rating, the thicker and warmer your duvet becomes. The tog rating starts from 1, being very cool, to 15, being warm. 

Well, let's break it down for you! When summer arrives, or you are in a place with a hot climate, go for a lower tog rating like 4.5 to stay refreshingly cool all night. On the other hand, if you are bracing for winter nights or are from cold climatic regions, pick a duvet with a higher tog of 13 or more to cozy up. But do you live in a location where the weather is relatively consistent? Then, 7 - 8 tog-rated duvets would be better to strike a balance and find a comfy middle ground you can always rely on! Do you know that understanding this rating and selecting a duvet according to your comfort allows you to adapt seamlessly and stay cushy throughout the year, no matter the season?

Fill power 

Yes, the duvet is a fluffy bedding that hugs you softly as you sleep. But do you know where that fluffiness comes from? The natural materials like down or feathers! 

Now, fill power is a measurement that helps you figure out how cuddly and cozy your duvet would be by checking out the softness of the feathers. So, the higher the fill power, the warmer the duvet! But the higher the fill power, the higher the price would be as well.

Fill weight

Indeed, just like the name implies, fill weight is basically the weight of the filling inside a duvet. If you are looking for extra snuggles, pick a duvet with a heavier fill weight. But if you prefer something light, a duvet with a lower fill weight would be a better fit.

Shell material

Now, so far, we have talked about the factors inside the duvet. However, do you know that the outer fabric, the one you touch and see, matters too? So, the outer covering of the duvet that encapsulates the filling is the shell material. Well, The shell material you select can make a difference in how breathable, comfortable, and durable the duvet can be! The natural shell materials like cotton, silk, and bamboo have high breathability and are super cozy.


Did you know that the huggable duvet has various types of stitching, and each construction method has its own advantages? For example, in a box-stitched duvet, the fillings stay put by giving you extra warmth, while the diamond-quilted duvet gives you consistent warmth while also adding to the aesthetic value. So, before you grab a duvet, always look for construction, for it will also tell you how comfy and durable the duvet could be!

Duvet Covers

duvet cover printed

Any accidental spills? We understand that cleaning the duvet is no easy task. But look at the duvet covers coming to your rescue! Take out the removable duvet cover and wash it without any hassle. There you go, no damage done to your duvet! They also add that attractive charm to your bedroom. With the palette of hues and designs, they become an enchanting addition to your bedroom decor. Cotton is the popular pick for duvet covers because of its super breathable and soft quality! 

While the factors mentioned above come in handy when you select a duvet, there's no 'the best' option! Ultimately, your personal needs, choices, and climate will be deciding factors in finding your perfect duvet.

Blue Dahlia: Duvet's Bliss!

We, at Blue Dahlia, with every thread, with every fabric, with every stitch, and with every colour, are crafting your sleep story! Get cozy and sleep comfortably with the softest duvets you can ever imagine! Add that magic of elegance and protection with our lush cotton duvet covers!

Duvet's whisper: Sweet Dreams!

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