What Type Of Sheets Are Best For Kids: The Ultimate Guide

A good night's sleep is a vital factor for the development of children. That being the case, the mattress and sheets you use for your kids must be of the highest quality. You need to know what type of sheets are best for kids. Read on to find out. 

Any stain-resistant material is an excellent option for your child’s bedding. Children tend to drag in all the dirt from outside to their bedrooms. So to make the cleanup job easier for yourself, use a stain-resistant sheet. At the same time, the material should be soft and breathable. 

There are many more criteria to consider when buying bedsheets for your kids. We will discuss those and help you make the best choice for your children. 

Things to consider when buying bedsheets for your kids 

The Material 

This is the most important factor that will affect the bedsheet that you buy for your kids. The material decides how your child will sleep at night. Options like cotton and linen are extremely breathable and comfortable for your children. On the other hand, these materials get dirty easily, and it’s also harder to get rid of the stains on natural fabrics. Because of that, synthetic-mix fabrics are a good option. 

Another factor to look at in the material is its durability. You will need to wash the sheets you use for your children more often. This is because they tend to get dirty more quickly. But some fabrics will start wearing out if you wash them too often. This is why you need to consider the material's durability before buying it. 

The climate in the place where you live should also weigh in when you decide on the material for the bedsheet. Cotton and linen are extremely breathable and work fabulously in hot climates. However, they won’t provide enough warmth for your children if you live in a colder area. Flannel or fleece sheets are best if you live in colder climates. They will ensure that your child stays warm enough at night. 

Some fabrics are chemically heavy in their manufacturing process. So the result will also have residual chemicals on it. This may affect your child, especially if they have sensitive skin. Organic fabrics are a good option if you don’t want fabrics that have chemicals in them. Some dyes will also be irritating to your child’s skin. So ensure that you buy bedsheets with mild or organic dyes. 

The Print 

Children’s bedsheets are widely known for the variety of prints that they come in. This has nothing to do with the quality of sleep your child will get. But this will be a very important factor from your child’s point of view. Go for prints that your child likes or is intrigued by. You can get bedsheets themed after many cartoons or Disney characters. 

This may have a psychological effect on your kids. They will enjoy going to bed and hence have a better sleep quality. Ensure that the style bedsheet is something that your child likes. You will have an easier time putting your child to bed if your child likes the sheets. 

The Size 

You must ensure that the bedsheet you buy for your child is properly sized for the mattress. Or else you’ll have to fix the bed very often. With all the tossing and turning that child do when sleeping, it is very easy for the bedsheets to unravel at night. 

A good option for kids' bedsheets is fitted sheets. This will stay secure around the mattress and will not come undone so easily. So it will be very hard to mess up the sheets. But when it comes to fitted sheets, you must be very careful about the sizing. You won’t be able to use the sheets if they’re ill-fitted. 

Unless you skip to a double bed, you may notice that you must keep changing your child’s bed size often. Or if the mattress gets ruined, you’ll have to buy a new one. You will have to keep buying new bedsheets if you're not smart. To avoid that, try to find sheets suitable for varying mattress sizes. You can save yourself the trouble of rebuying new bedsheets every year. 

The Set 

Look at the number of pieces that come in your child’s bedsheet. Many sets only have one pillowcase and one bedsheet. But others come with even the comforter and multiple bedsheets in the set. This may be a better option if you want to improve the aesthetics of your child’s bedroom. 

What are the Best Bed Sheet Materials for Kids?


A cotton is an excellent option for children’s bedsheets, especially if you live in a warm climate. Cotton bedsheets will keep your child comfortable throughout the night. You can rest easy knowing that your child isn’t drowning in their sweat. Cotton bedsheets are also very reasonably priced. So you won’t have to spend a fortune on your child’s bedsheets

Cotton is also easy to wash and doesn’t require high maintenance. You can put it in the washing machine without worrying about whether it will get ruined in the wash. You can dry it in the sun or shade without worrying about fading colours. 


Linen is another excellent option for kids' bedsheets. Like cotton, it is also extremely breathable and will keep your child comfortable throughout the night. Linen is a bit more expensive than cotton. But it is highly durable and also softer than cotton. One advantage of linen bedsheets is that the material gets softer each time you wash it. So it’ll only get better with use. 

Linen is a bit more high-maintenance than cotton. But it’s not too finicky. Depending on the type of linen, you may not be able to use bleach or chlorine when washing your sheets. But it’s a good idea to not use harsh chemicals to wash your child’s bedsheets


Pure polyester fabric is quite scratchy and makes for terrible bedsheets. But poly-mixed sheets are an excellent option for children’s bedsheets. It is often mixed with cotton or some other natural material. Mixed polyester bedsheets are highly durable and also stain-resistant. So it is a very good option for kids that tend to get everything dirty. 

Acrylic is a type of synthetic mix that is wrinkle-resistant. Acrylic can be dyed in very colourful colours. So it will be helpful when setting up a themed bedroom for your kids. However, acrylic is not so comfortable. So ensure that you feel the material before buying it. 


Bamboo is another natural fibre that is excellent for bedding. It starts rough and scratchy. But with a couple of uses, bamboo becomes extremely soft to the touch. It’ll almost feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Bamboo is anti-microbial and anti-fungal. So it will help keep your child healthy even when they are asleep. Another benefit you get with bamboo bedsheets is that it is extremely breathable. It is one of the best materials to use in hot climates. 

Bamboo is extremely durable and will last you a long time. So though it may feel expensive, it is an investment that keeps on giving. Bamboo is also very eco-friendly. One downside with bamboo bedsheets is that heavy dyes typically aren’t used. So you may be unable to find designs your child may enjoy. 

Wrapping up

All parents will be willing to get the best for their children. When it comes to bedsheets, Blue Dahlia is the best option for your bedroom linen. They have various options for the child- and teen-friendly bedsheets that will be comfortable and easy on the pocket. Check out Blue Dahlia’s bedsheet range for kids now!

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