Which Fabric Is Best For Pillow Cases?

Nothing is more relaxing than sleeping on a comfortable pillow after your tiring day, isn't it? At the same time, the fabric you choose elevates its durability & comfort. 

Choosing the right fabric for your pillow can impact your sleep quality, skin & hair care, temperature regulation, and much more. With so many varieties available, it is important to choose the right fabric when it comes to your pillowcases. 

In this blog, let us explore some of the best fabrics that give not only comfort but also a peaceful, relaxing sleep! 


Before choosing the right type of fabric for your pillowcase, it's always better to know the impact of fabric for several reasons:

Comfort - Choosing the right fabric impacts the comfort of your sleep. Imagine sleeping on a rough or scratchy pillow cover after a tiring day. So, to get perfect comfort, it's always necessary to choose certain types of fabric, such as cotton, bamboo, and silk, as they might keep you cool throughout the night.

Skin & Health Care - By choosing the right fabric, you can avoid hair fall and skin allergies. Fabric such as cotton & bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and can help you from hair breakages and skin irritation. 

Durability - Fabrics such as cotton and silk can last longer and are durable. However, polyester and microfiber fabrics might lead to wear and tear, causing damage, and can change their shape over time. So, durability is crucial in choosing the right fabric for your pillowcase. 

Breathability - The material needs to be permeable to air to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Because of these factors, it's crucial to pick a pillowcase made of breathable materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, or silk. The ability to breathe well, regulate temperature, and have moisture-wicking properties makes these materials well-known.

However, now you might have to know the importance of choosing the right fabric. Now, let us look at certain types of fabric that should be considered while purchasing your pillowcase.



One of the best fabrics if you are looking for something that lasts long. Cotton fabric is a perfect choice that is durable, comfortable & breathable. Additionally, this type of fabric is suggested during summer, as it might give you a cooling temperature, and you can experience a relaxing sleep throughout the night. 


In recent times, silk fabric has become a trend as it reduces hair fall and breakages. Dermatologists mostly recommend it as it not only reduces hair fall and breakages but also avoids skin irritation. Also, silk pillowcases can bring a cozy & elegant look to your entire space.


If you want something lightweight, linen is the best choice. Linen pillow case is the perfect type of fabric that can be used during a warm climate, as it helps to overheat throughout the night. Additionally, if you are a person who sweats often, then linen is the best fabric that is recommended as it is highly absorbent. 


Are you a person with sensitive skin? If yes, bamboo is the suggested fabric! This type of fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. You can experience having a soft feel once you lay down your head on the pillow. It can be termed as eco-friendly due to it being sustainable & renewable. 


This type of fabric is adaptable as it can keep you cool during winter and warm during summer. When compared to other types of fabric, satin is less absorbent and keeps your hair hydrated and fresh, preventing any damage as such. It adds glow to your room and throws a bohemian look to the entire space.


These types of fabric mentioned above not only represent the fabric types but also give importance to your sleeping style. There is a vast choice to upgrade your bedroom with the best fabric. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, bamboo, linen & satin can add style to your room in many ways. 

Cotton pillowcases come in a variety of colours and patterns. You can choose colours according to the other elements associated with your home. In this case, your room looks coordinated and gives a bohemian look. 

When it comes to silk pillowcases, you can experience having an elegant and sophisticated look in the entire space. Silk material can always add glamour & shine to your room. It makes your room look luxurious and adds a touch of warmth. 

Linen is not just a comfortable fabric, but it also adds a classic feel to your bedroom. It's lightweight and easy to care for. It's always preferable to use subtle colours in your bedroom, as it showcases a rich look to your room. Additionally, linen pillowcases can be made as a DIY by crafting them with embroidery or embellishments. 


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