Why Do Cold Sleepers Experience Chills During Sleep?

Have you ever snuggled up beneath a mountain of blankets, only to find that the cold seems to never leave you from its icy grip? You, cold sleeper, might have endured those shivering nights with the frozen fingers and toes. And, you probably have wondered why the cold just stays with you.

Well, your metabolism, health issues, and even your bedding choices could actually play a vital role in why you find yourself struggling to sleep, feeling extremely cold. However, you can always reclaim your pleasantly cozy sleep with the bedding essentials like bedsheets, duvet and quilt.

From the secrets of your bodies to the warmth of the perfect bedding, we are about to connect the dots and assure to give you much-deserved sleep. So, grab your hot coffee and join us!

Night Time Chills - The Riddle:

Circadian rhythm is like an internal clock in your body, letting you know when it is time to sleep and when it is time to rise. And as a part of this, your body's core temperature cools down by a degree or two and continues to slightly drop throughout the night to prepare your body to sleep! But, for you cold sleepers out there, this drop can be pretty noticeable, making the night time chills a familiar bedtime tale. 

What Makes You Feel Chilly?

Lower Metabolic Rates

When you sleep, your body naturally slows down the metabolic rate, resulting in less internal heat. But, you, being a cold sleeper, may inherently have a lower metabolic rate, even when you are awake. So, when your metabolic rate goes down as you sleep, it can make you more likely to feel cold!

Poor Circulation 

If you have poor circulation, your body will have a tough time sending warmth to your hands, legs and feet. Well, this leaves those body parts to feel colder compared to the rest of your body. And yes, this is particularly noticeable in the case of cold sleepers. 

Health Conditions 

If you always feel cold in bed, those night time chills might be due to some health concerns like anaemia, thyroid, diabetes, blood vessel disorder and many others. Sometimes, certain medications you take can also add to the chilly feeling that you experience during your sleep.


Well, it can be surprising to know that your bedding choices can actually bring about chills, especially if you are sensitive to cold. Yes, selecting the wrong bedding materials and layering them improperly can cause discomfort throughout the night. 

When you have thin or insufficient blankets, you may not feel warm enough. They may not be doing a great job in keeping cold air out, and before you know it, you end up feeling too chilly for a comfortable sleep. Plus, if you have low-quality bedding, they might not be effective in trapping your body heat, making you feel even more frosty.

Snuggle Up With Cozy Bedding

If you are not a stranger to the very cold moments at night, you should create a sleep zone that is all about comfort and warmth to get that sweet sleep. And, picking the right bedding materials can be like a magical spell for you to sleep wrapped in a warm nest.

1. Saviour Sheets

You know, the simple sheets on your bed can actually make a world of difference in your sleep quality. So, here's how you can choose the ideal sheets to shape your wonderfully warm sleep.


The materials you choose for your sheets should lock in the heat and keep you snug. And, cotton is here to be your best sleep buddy. It cuddles you with a layer of warmth, to keep the chills at bay. Thanks to its breathability, you will never feel overheated, even in cooler conditions. And the smoothness of your cotton sheets can make your bedtime pure bliss. 

Flannel bedsheets are the go-to pick for cold sleepers because they bring beautiful warmth and comfort that is hard to beat. They totally excel at retaining heat, ensuring you feel toasty all night long. Oh, their plush and velvety texture is truly irresistible!

Thread Counts

This simple yet important number tells you how many threads are woven into each square inch of your fabric. This measure tells you the quality and density of the material used in your bedsheets. 

Yes, thread counts can make your bed amazingly cozy and inviting. Bedsheets with a higher thread count tend to be softer and thicker, providing you with excellent insulation to make you feel all snug and bundled up for a peaceful night's sleep. 

2. Duvet Bliss

Duvet is an essential bedding, offering you that extra insulation and regulating your body temperature effectively, ensuring you sleep well without getting overheated.

Fill Material

Down is that super soft, extra fluffy layer found beneath the feathers of birds like geese. This incredibly lightweight duvet material traps heat, creating a snuggly cocoon around, without weighing you down so you can escape to the land of dreams. The gentle embrace of the down duvet wraps you in warmth, much like the soothing rays of the sun on a chilly night.

Wool is a natural insulator that envelops warm air within its fibres to give you that consistent delightful embrace throughout the night. By letting out the extra moisture and heat, it ensures that you stay comfortable. Now, this is particularly great for you, if you experience temperature shifts while you sleep. You can find the wool duvet to be very soft and luxurious that can give you a calming sleep. 

Tog Rating

The tog rating is your guide to understanding the warmth and insulation that your duvet can provide. Now, if you tend to shiver at night, you have to choose a duvet with a higher tog rating. 

Select a duvet in the 10 to 13 tog range to keep you nice and warm. And if you like it extra toasty, you can go for an even higher tog rating. It would make you feel like you are floating on a cushioned dream. 

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are like a beautiful blossom in your bedroom. But, they are also a practical choice and add to your bedtime delight, if you are after that extra dose of comfort. Now, cotton duvet covers can be your best sleep companion if you want to strike that balance between warmth and breathability. And if you want even more coziness, you can consider checking out the duvet covers made from the materials like flannel, fleece or wool.

3. Cuddly Quilt

The quilt is a versatile addition to your bedroom. Enhance the cozy factor of your bed with a gorgeous quilt to infuse that extra zeal and style. Opt for a flawless, breathable cotton quilt to dress your bed and experience a sleep that is as tranquil as ocean waves. 

And, to give your own special touch to your safe haven, choose from the range of colours and designs of quilt, that express your style and personality! Now, layer it with your other bedding. There you go, you are all set to handle the chills, and rest in the lap of comfort.

Extra Cozy Sleep Hacks

  • Craft a comfortably warm sleeping surface with the classic memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress with a foam top.
  • Try adding a throw blanket neatly, right at the end of your bed to make sure your toes stay toasty and have an extra layer ready for those extra cold nights.
  • Cozy up your room with colours found on the warmer side of the spectrum like yellow, red and other rich earthy tones. They can evoke a sense of snugness.
  • For a soothing ambience, opt for warm or soft lighting. You can also boost the calming effect by adding candles to your room.
To elevate your sleep quality to the next level, check out the captivating bedding collection from Blue Dahlia. With our diverse selection of top-quality bedding designed to cater to the needs of the cold sleepers, you can bid farewell to the icy nights, as we ensure to give you nights with uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep. Transform your slumber into the warmest, dreamiest escape of all!

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