Why Do Your Bedsheets Smell Musty In Winter? Causes & Solutions

There is nothing more heart-warming than curling up under the toasty haven of your cozy bedsheets, as you witness the beautiful saga of chilly nights. But wait, why do your bedsheets suddenly have a peculiar musty smell, during this icy season?

If you feel this musty odour is disturbing your serenity, trust us, you are not alone! The interplay between the characteristics of the season and factors like the materials of the bedsheet, and washing and storing techniques play a pivotal role in this unique phenomenon. 

Now, let us decipher the intricacies behind the causes of the musty smell and equip you with solutions to help you banish them for good. So, nose-dive right into the musty smell exploration and get your fresh-scented sleep! 

What Causes Musty Odour In Bedsheets?

When the cool weather tempts you to snuggle up with a bedsheet and seek refuge from life's chaos,  you would have felt the heavenly aroma of freshness in your bedsheets being replaced with the lingering taste of dampness in the air.

And, we know you have wondered why this happens. Well, it's because of the moisture and humidity - as simple as that! The moisture provides the ideal conditions for the microorganisms like bacteria, mold and mildew to breed. 

Now, let's explore the reasons how moisture and humidity find their way into the bedsheets, thereby leading to the musty odour.

1. Breeze Barrier

         The windows and doors in your house will mostly be closed during winter to keep the cold outside. And this reduction in fresh air circulation in your rooms can trap moisture and odour in your beloved bedsheets. Yes, we agree it's so unfair!

2. Dry Air Dilemma 

         The winter air is often very dry and as you turn up the indoor heat, the air can get even drier. And here's the catch: this dry air can absorb whatever moisture that is left in your bedsheets and you will notice the musty smell hanging around. Now, that's something you don't want to happen! 

3. Winter Wash Woes

         We know, wash days are already difficult but wash days during winter - difficulty level 100! But look at those bedsheets covered in dirt, sweat and body oils. The unwashed bedsheets send invitations to all the bacteria that love this party going on and give you the return gift - musty-smelling bedsheets.

4. Sun, Sun, Come Again!

Yes, we know a pile of your freshly washed, wet bedsheets is waiting for their sweet sunbath. And, it seems like the sun is playing hide and seek in the chilly months. 

Now, if you are planning to leave those damp sheets in a closed basket for too long, we suggest you shouldn't. Because moisture trapped in the bedsheets with limited airflow helps the odour-causing bacteria to thrive. We totally get it, that's the last thing you want after working hard this laundry day.

How To Prevent Musty Smells In Your Bedsheets? 

  • Right Fabric, Restful Sleep - You would have wondered how a fabric could make any difference in preventing the unwelcoming fragrance in your bedsheets. Allow us to explain: Your bedsheets should let the moisture out instead of locking it in, the crucial step in preventing bad odour. 

And the best way to ensure this is by choosing the natural fibres like cotton and linen which offer excellent breathability, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties. These materials let the air flow freely, pulling the moisture away from your body into the air, and leaving no opportunity for the bacteria and mold to thrive. 

So, paint your sleep with comfort by selecting these materials for your bedsheets and escape to the land of a scent-sational dreamiverse!

  • Open Those Windows! - Do you want to know a simple yet effective way to keep your bedsheets smelling wonderfully fresh during this chilly season? Just crack open your windows from time to time! With the outdoor fresh air circulating in your bedroom, you can be sure to remove the stale indoor air and any lingering odour, making your bedsheets smell crisp. 

Plus, it can help lower the humidity levels, discouraging the growth of those pesky bacteria and mildew, thereby getting rid of that musty smell! 

  • Washing And Drying For The Win! - Now, washing your bedsheets regularly with good-quality detergents once every week, not only removes the dust, dead cells and sweat but also helps you keep away the gloomy scent from your bedsheets. 

Don't forget to make sure that you dry your sheets completely before you put them away. And never fold them, even if they are just slightly damp, as this can lead to mildew growth. 

We get it, the sun isn't cooperating with the drying process during winter. If you can't hang your bedsheets outside, no worries! Try drying them indoors in a room with nice airflow - that will do the job. 

  • Proper Storage Is The Key - The effective storage of your bedsheets also plays a vital part in preventing the musty smell. Pop the lovely sheets into those storage bags. Adequate ventilation in your storage space is also necessary. When the air can't move around freely, the unwanted odours can actually creep into the bedsheets over time. 

Oh, you could also throw some silica gels into your storage space to soak up any sneaky moisture left behind. Also, every now and then, take out your sheets and give them a breath of fresh air.

Techniques For Enlivening Your Smelly Bedsheets

Now, let's assume the musty smells have already attacked your bedsheets. What should you do to get rid of them?

  • Take your bedsheets out and get them sun-kissed, if possible. It can surely eliminate the odour. 
  • Add ½ cup of baking powder along with your detergent and wash your bedsheets. They can help you banish the unwanted smell from your sheets.
  • Add ½ cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water. Submerge the sheets and let them soak for a few hours. Wash them as usual. 
  • Squeezing one lemon into your regular washing powder can add a nice citrusy smell to your bedsheets. 
  • Hang sachets of camphor crystals in your bedroom. This can mask the musty smell.
  • Mist your bedsheets lightly with a spray bottle added with essential oils of lavender or eucalyptus, which has deodorizing properties. Now, enjoy the notes of sweet smell singing you a lullaby!
  • And if the musty smell in your sheets still persists, you could try placing the bedsheets in a plastic bag and keeping them in the freezer for a few hours. The cold temperature can neutralize the odours. Then wash and dry them, as usual. 

Why Musty-Smelling Bedsheets Could Be Bad For You?

  • Sleep Struggles - We know, you love sleeping with your exquisite bedsheet like a baby, especially during the winter nights. But it can be difficult to relax and doze off with the unpleasant odour lurking in every corner of your bedding. Oh, no!  This distressed sleep could actually leave you feeling less refreshed in the morning. 
  • Hindrances To Health - Do you have a weak immune system or get easily prone to allergies or suffer from respiratory illness? Then, avoiding bedsheets with a musty smell would be good for your health! 

The odour-causing bacteria and mold present in your bedsheets could possibly affect your health and trigger allergies, fungal skin infections, and respiratory conditions like asthma and make you more susceptible to illness. 

  • Aesthetic Aura Slides - Imagine this: you had a super productive day and you have been eagerly anticipating the moment you crawl into your cozy bed for some well-deserved sleep to relax and unwind. Your bedroom is softly lit and your bedding looks picturesque, just like how you like it. 

But as you lie down, you are disturbed by the lingering smell of mustiness coming from your bedsheets. Suddenly, your once-pristine sheets feel a bit less inviting and that odour threatens to diminish the beautiful aesthetics of your bedroom. This is definitely not how you pictured your night to be. But, that's bedsheets with musty odour for you!

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