Fitted Set

Fitted Set

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    Fitted bedsheets are a wonderful addition to your bedroom. Blue Dahlia’s fitted bedsheets come with the perfect elastic border to fit your bed perfectly, giving your room a well-kempt look at all times of the day. For those who do not like the hassle of having to tuck in loose ends of bedsheets every time someone sits or lies down on the bed, fitted bedsheets are the best option to give your bedroom a neat, organized and savvy look.

    22 products

    Premium Cotton Fitted Bedsheets Online

    You can now buy premium cotton fitted bedsheets online, with just a click of the mouse, on the Blue Dahlia website. With multiple options to choose from in design and colour, you are left spoiled for choice. What’s more, every bedsheet that you choose from the house of Blue Dahlia comes with the promise of decades of quality and durability.

    With a thread count that is suited for every weather, you can choose comfort and quality. Blue Dahlia fitted sheets come with a thread count ranging from 240TC to 1000TC. The thread count is essential when it comes to understanding the quality of a product. Starting from a thread count of 240TC, which is ideal for tropical climates such as what we experience in India, Blue Dahlia offers a range of bedsheets to meet every need. During hot summers, our 240TC bedsheets can double up as bed covers as well. Just when it is too hot and sultry to use the heavy blankets, our bedsheets have you covered, literally. And when the weather changes, you can still find something that will suit your needs at Blue Dahlia. The fitted cotton bedsheets that come with a higher thread count make sure that you are not left feeling unbearably cold when you get into bed. The wide range that we offer is to ensure that there is the promise of comfort for every budget and every requirement- be it the weather or the humidity of the place that you are staying in.

    Blue Dahlia’s premium quality cotton fitted bedsheets are made from locally sourced cotton, and we follow the most stringent quality measures to ensure that every product that you purchase from our store is excellent. We use simple percale weaves to make our bedsheets your go-to everyday choice, and also have jacquard weaves for those days when you feel extra special or when you want to glam up your bedroom. With the quality of the elastic being guaranteed, you can purchase premium cotton fitted bedsheets online from Blue Dahlia with the assurance that you are investing in something that is sustainable, durable and eco-friendly. Since all our raw materials are sourced from reliable sources, you are also contributing to a small community of farmers when you purchase a product from Blue Dahlia. Every fitted sheet that you buy from us comes with the quality gained from years of experience.

    Benefits Of Using Fitted Bedsheets

    Fitted bedsheets are popular for the way they look when the bed is made. The elastic makes sure that the bedsheets look crisp and stay in place, even after someone uses the bed. Fitted bedsheets also save you the hassle of having to make your bed every morning by pulling out the bed sheets and tucking in the loose ends.

    Why Choose Blue Dahlia’s Fitted Bedsheets

    Blue Dahlia’s fitted bedsheets are made from 100% cotton. They have been made to adhere to strict quality measures and are tested for various factors, including allergies and durability. Blue Dahlia’s years of experience are a mark of superior quality, and that is what you stand to gain with every purchase you make from Blue Dahlia- unmatched comfort and quality.

    Colours And Design Patterns

    At Blue Dahlia, we understand that every individual has a preference. We endeavour to cater to every customer’s individual taste with a wide range of designs, colours and patterns. Our bedsheets are designed to fit every room. We have a variety of patterns— Indian motifs for the traditional bedrooms, geometric prints for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary, and playful prints for children’s bedrooms.

    Blue Dahlia’s patterns are known for their versatility. Quirky prints that resemble nature can add beauty and vibrance to your bedroom. With flowers and birds, our fitted bedsheets can make your bedroom look heavenly. Choose from our range of bedsheets to create a summery look or to set your child’s imagination soaring with some fantastic underwater prints or those of butterflies. You can also use our floral prints to create the sensation of stepping into a colourful bower.

    With the abstract and geometric patterns, there are many options for you to up the glamour quotient of your room. These patterns come in various colours to match your walls and create the perfect look every day.

    If you do not prefer any of these and like to stick to solid colours, then our premium jacquard weaves are there to give your bedroom the perfect atmosphere. With many options to choose from, these fitted bedsheets are in a class of their own.

    Sizes Available

    We have the standards sizes available for you. You can choose from single bedsheets, king size, and queen size fitted bedsheets. We recommend that you measure your mattress properly before making a choice, as fitted bedsheets come made to size and cannot be used as a ‘one size fits all.’

    How To Maintain

    Since the fitted bedsheets are cotton, the wash and care methods are quite simple. We advise washing your bedsheets at least once a week, using a mild detergent that does not contain any harsh chemicals and warm water. We do not recommend continuous use of hot water on any of our products. We also recommend that you do not wash fitted bedsheets by pulling at the elastic, as this could reduce the longevity of your fitted bedsheet.


    Every product from Blue Dahlia is tested for quality. We do not vouch for any differences in shades when you buy from our online store, as the shades could vary slightly from what you see in the pictures. We also do not stand liable in case of any damage caused by insufficient care on the customer’s part.

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