How To Make a Cozy and Stylish Bedroom This Monsoon Season?

So the lovely monsoon has finally arrived !!! And it is truly appropriate that we make sure the refreshing energy of the monsoon traverses our rooms. 

Mostly in monsoon, we tend to spend more time inside our houses than outside. So it is a good time to do a seasonal makeover for the bedroom so that it becomes more vibrant and comforting in this season of downpours. 

Monsoon is an enchanting season, and the weather is so pleasant. So if you are thinking of revamping your bedroom to add beauty, read along because we have enumerated some tips that will make your bedroom look absolutely magical.

In this blog, we will assist you in exploring the many ways you can turn your bedroom into a welcoming sanctuary, especially in this rainy season. So let’s get started!!!

What colors should I use this monsoon?

The colors you choose for your bedroom this monsoon season will make a world of difference. Colors show your personality, and the same holds true for your room. We agree that it can be quite difficult to decide when it comes to choosing the right color for your bed sheets. 
That’s because there is a whole wide variety of shades and hues to choose from. When it comes to monsoon, your best bet is a color that is easily manageable and one that can exuberate a peppy vibe. Incorporating vibrant pops of color into your home décor will have a negating effect on the gloomy feelings of monsoon. These kinds of shades will not make the bedroom look dull and will maintain your energy even while staying in. Below are a few options of color to look at:

Yellow: There are light shades of yellow and ones that are darker. The ones recommended for the monsoon season are darker as they can hide stains better besides carrying a cheerful look.

Orange: Orange is one of the most attractive colors that you can use this monsoon as it radiates cheerfulness. Its bright and warm color will make your bedroom look fantastic, especially during the monsoon season.

Aqua: An aqua-colored bed sheet is sure to please your senses. It has a relaxing appearance and is very light.

Pink: Want to add a little sparkle to your bedroom? Go for that dark shade of pink that will beat the dullness of the monsoon days like no other.

Blue: Since the sky is overcast with grey, we will surely miss the wonderful sight of blue for some time. Counter this by including a wonderful shade of blue in your bed sheet collection and spread it out whenever you miss the bright sky.

Which Patterns work the best?

The next most important thing to choose in bed sheets is the pattern. When the bed sheet has flowers, leaves, and nature-related things printed on it, it adds serenity and calmness to the atmosphere and guarantees you comfort and a peaceful sleep during the night. Floral patterns work very well, and hues add vibrancy to your room during the monsoon season! Here are a few patterns that work the best:

Leaves: Leaves signify life and rejuvenation. This pattern brings about calmness and a sense of security around you and, conversely, helps you gain a peaceful sleep. 

Flowers: Floral patterns appease the senses and help you feel cheerful. Since we are missing out on visiting gardens this season, you can create your own cozy substitute for it in your bed.

Night sky: It so happens that we wish to stargaze and be amazed by the beauty of the universe. This kind of pattern works particularly well with children as they stay amazed and curious.

Bamboo pattern: Another incredibly attractive pattern to look at is the bamboo pattern. There is a reason why so many people have taken to this design, and in this one, there is no harm in following the crowd.

Sunlight pattern: Another thing we will miss for many days. Bright-colored and stylishly patterned sheets help to fight out the gloomy feelings because of the dense cover of grey outside. Give it a try.

For kids: You have to find every way to keep your little ones occupied this season, as there won’t be a lot of playing outside. You can try patterns with cars, animals, and other interesting things printed to keep the babies interested and lively. 

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Light Drapes or Heavy Drapes? Which is the right Fabric?

Choosing the right fabric is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to impacting a good night’s sleep. The fabric of the bed sheet rubs against your skin the most, so it is indispensable that you select the best material for that one. 

The fabric's breathability determines its comfort and needs to be examined and examined before finalizing the choice of bed sheet. Whether you are using synthetic materials also has to be taken into consideration, and if you are, it is recommended that you switch to natural ones.

You must layer the furniture of your home in general and your bedroom in particular with the best quality textile. The texture and pattern play a vital role in setting up the room's mood and, therefore, should be chosen after proper deliberation. Not only are soft textiles necessary for ambience, but they are pivotal for comfort, something that you need, especially more on rainy days. 

Just like the monsoon gives us solace after the sweltering heat, a cozy bed provides us with much-needed relief after a demanding day. Due diligence must be exercised when choosing the correct form of fabric while counting down our options. While there’s absolutely no harm in following classic or contemporary trends, you need to ensure a proper balance is struck between the color of your choice and the health quotient of the fabric.

For the monsoon season, you should consider using lighter fabric for the curtains as heavy draperies like velvet tend to absorb the moisture more, and the atmosphere becomes musty. In addition to letting in more sunlight and keeping the space well-lit up, the lighter fabric will allow easy access to the outside view. Lighter shade and material drapes work particularly well in the monsoon season when you need all the light you can get from outside.

One way you can ensure that you choose the right bed sheet is by checking the fabric's thread count. For information on how the thread count of bed sheets affects comfort, refer to our blog Impact on bedsheet thread count!

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